Protecting What's Yours

I had a bit of a reflection moment this afternoon and a very important and valid thought came to mind.  So before I discuss this, allow me to throw you a personal question:

"How heavily do you protect the deepest zones of your intellectual and physical self?" 

With the various events that have occurred throughout my adult life, in recent times, sex and romance has become quite an important issue for me.  Right now I am going through a 'reflective phase' rather than an 'action phase'.  I am not in any way actively looking for anyone because I want to learn more about myself and be willing to reach out to those who are at the crossroads and need another person to talk to who has experienced a similar experience. 

I went through years of just throwing myself into relationships and giving every element of myself to someone who I barely know thinking it was ok.  Over time, men grew to resent me and I would end up being treated very poorly. Rather than learn my lesson, I'd keep doing it. I went through some emotionally abusive relationships and met some very emotionally abusive men because I treated MYSELF in the same fashion.  

I didn't treat my body like a temple.... I treated it like a dodgy hotel room! 

So then the revelation came... and to those reading this who can relate to this or are experiencing it or are even YET to experience it, please take the time to read this and absorb the information!!!
Your body is YOURS and YOURS alone.
Even if you are with someone and love them with every part of your heart, your body is still YOURS.
If you fail to take care of it, others will stomp all over it and you'll grow to hate it.
NO ONE EVER has the right to touch your body without your permission.
Your body should be a gift, don't just give it to someone unless they've earned it.
If someone isn't patient with you, they aren't worth the time of day.
You are a unique, beautiful and special person... what your body has to offer is the added bonus when the most important elements of you are loved and appreciated.
Make sure YOU KNOW and APPRECIATE YOU because it's THAT which is on display!

Remember, you are not alone in this journey!


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