Pantry Scrapping Appreciation Day (PSAD)

In the big scheme of 2013, I made three commitments to myself:
My herb and veggie garden

1. Be a better version of myself and continue to grow and evolve.
2. Appreciate what I have more.
3. Be better with my finances.

Peanut butter, coconut & app
So I am starting to learn some new lessons quite quickly.  Today I wish you "Happy Pantry Scrapping Appreciation Day!"

So.... what is Pantry Scrapping Appreciation Day (PSAD) you ask? It's simple! It's all about 'scrapping' bits and pieces from your pantry, fridge and freezer and working with what you have.... seeing how much you can stretch it without compromising taste, and still somewhat eating like a Queen (or King). Everyone does it, so it's nothing innovative.  Everyone's approach is different.... everyone's circumstance is different.

Chicken and veggie korma curry
with fresh mint yogurt
I LOVE PSAD!!!! It's a time that I can put my creative cap on, pick up on some new cooking skills, utilise my herb garden and spice rack and potentially create some new favourites.  I can create something healthy, yummy and beautiful on a reasonable budget using what I already have and it gives me an appreciation for the skills I have! It also gives me a better appreciation for the choices I make when I do from time to time eat out.  But I admit though that the motivation to eat out lately has gone out the door - eating out has become more of a social thing..... although with the beautiful outdoors, some scented candles, a bottle of wine and great friends.... who needs a fancy restaurant???

PSAD is about looking at what you already have and considering it's endless possibilities.  Rice for example: I like boiling it in stock, or stirring it cooked with curry, garlic and olive oil, stirring it in parmy cheese, pan frying some leftover veggies and stirring rice through it, boiling it in coconut milk and mixed spice..... the possibilities are ENDLESS!!!
Ham, eggs & tomato on toast
with pesto and basil

I love my herb garden as well.  I'm learning about herb combinations and herb/meat/veggie combinations.... what goes, what doesn't.... a delightful flavour enhancer without the need for salt! My salt RARELY leaves my cupboard now! It's about having fun with your food, making it pretty, making it colourful.... the tastes.... the textures.... the possibilities!

Stock & parmy rice with
butter, garlic & sage veggies
It's about experimentation.... the element of those closest to you appreciating your hard work with you (or even giving you some great ideas!).

So take the time to see food for it's sheer fun, versatility that it was made for.  Don't waste it.... make it into something beautiful!!!!

Have a beautiful day!!!


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