Where do I stand in the crowd?

I am not going to lie, I love Facebook.  I love keeping up to date with what everyone closest to me is up to: births, marriages, life achievements, positive quotes.... anything really! I am so proud to know so many great people who want to live a life filled with purpose.  Even the ones who have a life of greatness and purpose but are within a mindset where they don't recognise that.

I admit that at times, I can be one of them.

I admit at times, I switch on the critical light and start looking at where I am at in my own life.  

  • When friends have babies, I get slightly clucky.  But I know I'm not by any means ready for another child.
  • When friends get married or engaged, I wonder why I'm not married.  But I know I haven't met the person who is compatible with me.  I am still quite young and have a lot of growing to do, so I'm willing to wait.
  • When a friend goes on an awesome holiday, I think about the lack of places I have traveled. But I know I need to learn to be more disiplined with my money and learn to plan ahead!
  • When my friends are running awesome fitness classes, I get a little jealous that I'm not doing it.  But I realise, I have a lot to learn and I make WAY too many excuses.  I also haven't grasped the right opportunity.
  • When friends look absolutely banging hot in a bikini, I realise how much work I have to do and keep doing.  But then I realise I am beautiful and perfect in God's eyes. I have Mummy battle scars and I should be proud of them!
  • When friends get something the first time and don't have to struggle with it, I think "why do I have to work for everything". But I realise that I appreciate the results when I work hard and at times I can be ignorant and not take in the lessons like I should.
So yes, I do get moments where I wonder if the grass is greener..... I am human! But it's how I handle those lingering thoughts that influences how I take on life and how I grow! I don't let it consume me.  Sometimes, it gives me that small drive to evaluate where I am at and look at ways to better myself.  Other people's achievements should inspire and motivate you.... challenge you.... not make you feel bad about yourself!

I am going through a major phase in my life where I am trying to figure out what my purpose in life is.  I have come at peace with the fact that I haven't figured it out.... in-fact I don't think I'm anywhere near discovering it.  I am still figuring out where I truly and comfortably fit and the mark I am going to leave in the world. But I am sure of a few things:

  • I am trying different things 
  • I'm testing my boundaries
  • I start something with the open mind that the end result may not be the one I think.  
  • No one figures out where they sit in their 20's, or their 30's, or even their 40's.  I believe we go through many changes to work towards the person we really are.  I waited tables and poured beers in my late teens/ early 20's, I now work in Education.  Who knows where life is going to take me in years to come?!
  • I continually reflect on where I am now and what is working and what isn't.  If it's working, I keep it up or challenge myself.  If it's not working, I look at where I went wrong and if maybe I need to re-consider my mindset and direction.
  • People inspire me and I inspire people.... it's the natural cycle!
So when you get a moment where you start to switch on that negativity light and judging where you're at, try these simple steps:

  1. Write down what you have achieved in your life so far.... and I mean EVERYTHING! Holidays, Education, marriage, children, jobs, small personal milestones... etc. You'll be really surprised how many you write down!
  2. Pick 5 of your biggest milestones (negative or positive). In a quiet space, take a moment to meditate on each achievement.  What was great about it? What did you learn? How has it helped you with the next phase of your life? Who influenced you? What made you want to do it to begin with? What made you stay during the difficult times? Did you end up doing what you initially planed to do when you started? If not, what path did you take instead.
  3. Consider in the mists of all those thoughts, where you stand now in your life? Is there something you can pick up again? Is there a skill you learned in the past, that you can use now? Can you help someone else through something you've learned?
It's incredible, that without realising, you look back at the bigger picture and reflect on what you HAVE done, it's still important.  Every little thing you do in your life is no accident, it's a small piece towards figuring out who you are.  It's a small lesson, a small step.  Don't take anything that happens in your life for granted.  Take a moment to listen to it, meditate on it and learn.  

Have an awesome day! :-)


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