What drives you?

Can I start off by saying what a B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L day it is today! Eating breaky on the patio table in the gorgeous sunshine..... just awesome! Gives me that little extra burst of motivation to take on the day!

And then a moment of reflection.... I admit I've been doing this quite a bit of late.  Thinking back on past lessons, reflecting and putting quality to use. I also want to put out there that this is my own perspective of things, there's a million different schools of thought on what drives people.  Take what you want from this :-).

Are my choices driven by fear, acceptance, faith or gratitude?

ok.... so to put it into perspective. Are my choices:

1. Driven by the fear of judgement or experiences? 
2. Driven by the hope of acceptance by others?
3. Driven by the faith that you WILL succeed.... even if it's not to plan.
4. Driven by being gracious for the rewards we have already experienced or the willingness or pursue a reward we are yet to receive or be gracious for?

Obviously, to truly achieve or have the motivation to achieve something, we need a stimuli or motivator? It's impossible to do something with no reason or purpose! So let's look at each motivator in wider detail:


As odd as it sounds, I consider these the 'party pooper' motivators.  If you're doing something out of fear of being judged or craving to be accepted, then straight up you're going to fail.  Your life belongs to you.... NO ONE ELSE! If a person loves or cares about you enough, they will accept your choices (within reason mind you!), offer constructive advice if necessary and let you be. If you're doing something out of the fear of going back to a negative experience, then ultimately you will fail because you're so so caught up in what went wrong, that it over-rides your confidence.  If you do something out of judgement or fear, you need to address what's sparking it and constructively deal with it.  There will obviously be lessons, but use them constructively to grow.... not to sabotage! And like I have said in a past blog, what someone thinks of you is none of your business anyway.... it's impossible to please everyone!

Be prepared to step out of your comfort zone and experience
life in ways you never imagined!

Remember the sticker reward system at school? How many of you would work hard to get a sticker to add to your chart until it got full? Then the excitement of getting a sticker or a prize and the extra motivation to want to do more. Or maybe spending all year budgeting and saving (with all the small sacrifices) then going on the most epic holiday ever.... or buying that awesome car..... or buying your first home? That drive for reward..... that motivation to do something in faith knowing that there's a great reward at the end of it (and small rewards along the way) and the feeling of happiness and gratitude knowing how hard you worked to get it!

It's incredible that when you step outside of your comfort zone in do something in faith, how much more worthwhile your rewards are.  It's so hard to take something you worked hard for for granted.  Those tears and triumphs are not in vain.  The lessons you have learned along the way.  The extra motivation to work towards something bigger.  That success being that extra motivator you need when things get tough and you're ready to give up.  The amazing happiness and gratitude for what you do have.... not worrying about what others think of it!

So to finish off today, I have four questions for you to meditate on:

What motivates you?
Is it pushing you forward or holding you back?
Is it worthwhile and does it make you happy?
Have you stopped and appreciated what you already have?

Have a beautiful day! :-)


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