What makes you SMILE???

Good Morning or Good Evening (wherever you are)! I thought I'd have fun with this one today!

My first half marathon in 2012
Today is all about putting your BEST foot forward.... about meditating on the things that make you smile.  That make that little person in your head jump with joy.  Make you want to hop around like an excited puppy..... well you get the drift anyway!

So I ask you.... what EXCITES you?
What makes you so happy that you toss and turn in bed in sheer anticipation for the event?
What is something that no matter how awful you're feeling, the thought or action of it cheers you up or gives you that extra motivation?

Something that YOU enjoy doing.... something that defines YOU.

Sit for a moment.... meditate on it.... reflect on the positives.... the amazing moments.... the emotion..... visualise it.... hear it.... feel it! If it was funny, giggle to yourself.... smile!

"Farewell Bruce" in 2012
You know that feeling you're feeling right now?
Awesome right?
So when you're feeling like you just want to be angry at the world, or you just want to cry, the children are draining you, the hubby/wife is being a pain, or things just don't seem to be going right..... take the time to meditate on what I have said.  It's your chance to be kind to yourself..... Boost your self-worth!

Make it your priority to centre yourself and find your happy YOU!

"No Chocolates on Request" in 2011
Just in case anyone is curious, mine is fitness and theatre.  I love the process of working towards a goal.  The interaction with others. The challenges with the great rewards. The inspiration I give to others. The blood, sweat and tears (cliche I know!). I get a massive rush of excitement the day before.

Genesis Circuit Challenge 2012
In theatre, I love getting into character, building life-long friendships with the cast, the lights, the rush, the costumes, the publicity.  The fact that I can have fun and be challenged! There's something about being creative that just sparks this sense of happiness into my soul!

Half Marathon
In fitness (particularly running), I LOVE the outdoors, the breeze, the views, the atmosphere, the challenge, the push to just run that extra kilometre! That pain in the legs, that finish line, the rewards of achieving a goal, the mental strength it's given me, the motivation and inspiration I give to others, those moments where I fight that voice that tells me to 'give up'.

"Flying Feathers" 2012
Typing this almost makes me cry (happy tears) and smile because I'm thinking about what I have achieved and where I came from. When you find that something that excites you, it clicks the right spot in your heart and soul and you just know and it clicks! Embrace it.... enjoy it.... don't ever let that feeling go.  Every now and then challenge it..... allow that happiness to make you even more amazing!
Have a beautiful day!


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