A Letter to my Daughter on her 3rd Birthday

Dear Tayla,

12 week ultrasound
I don't think words could ever express how blessed and thankful I am to have you.  I always dreamed of having a daughter just like you.  That morning I saw those two blue lines, 12 months after the heartache of losing the last one, I knew this was it. You were very much wanted.... we were almost ready to give up and try again later, but you wanted to make your presence known!

Hearing your heart beat for the first time was music to my ears...... seeing you as a spec in the ultrasound made it all so real. I always knew you were going to be my little girl.... I just knew!

19 week ultrasound
That second ultrasound you were starting to take human form.... you were starting to get a face.  I framed your picture and kept it in the lounge.  I wrote "My little girl" on the back of the frame, your picture sitting with pictures of your cousins.


My belly growing.... those tiny pulses that turned into big kicks then big rolls back and forth.  The weeks and months passing.  I spoke to you, sang to you in anticipation for that first cuddle.

Then you were born, it wasn't the easiest birth or to plan.... but when I saw those big eyes, I knew my little Tayla was born. That first cuddle, that first feed, those newborn glances, those little cries, those tiny feet.... You were here and safe in my arms and the love was instant!

As time passes and all the milestones happen: your smile, your rolling, your giggles, your crawls, your steps, your sounds, your little cloth nappy waddles, your big dimply smile, your tub splashes, your big smile when I made silly sounds while reading you your favourite story (Hungry Caterpillar), your adorable baby singing along with me in the car, your claps..... those moments, I gazed on you proudly and lovingly.  So blessed and so proud of you.  So thankful I was blessed with such a perfect little person.  

Your love of being creative.... painting, singing, dancing, playing your keyboard.... your desire to be centre of attention, to be expressive and just be bright and cute! Those big hazel eyes and smile that make my heart melt.... even when you're being naughty and I have to put you in time out (which isn't very often because you're so well-behaved).  You're even more beautiful, smart, creative, bubble and amazing that I ever could imagine.  

I am the luckiest person in the world to have you Tayla.  There's something amazing and special about you that I just can't explain.  You always amaze me with all the new things you are doing and learning! When you run up to me and say "Smuggle puddles and smoochy poochies Mummy! (cuddles and kisses)"..... you brighten my day.  When you pick up a book and ask me to read to you and every now and then ask if you can try and read.  When you ask for more paint because you want to paint more.  When you ask where Miss Pearl (our cat) is because she "needs a pat and a cuddle".  When you want to help Mummy water the garden.  When you get excited about going to the Gym Creche, Church and Kindy because you can see your friends.  

Tayla Jayde know that no matter what happens.... if you're in times of trouble and when you grow up in this big world, know Mummy loves you to the sun and back! You are my sunshine and having you is the biggest and most awesome blessing I have ever experienced.

As we reach your third Birthday.... I look forward to many more milestones and moments where I can look at you so chuffed and proud to be your Mum!

Love you to the Moon and Back!
Smuggle puddles
Mum xoxoxo


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