The Small Things

For those who know me, I have a (nearly) 3 year old daughter, Tayla.  Six months ago her Father and I separated and over the last month I've started seeing her one week on and one week off.  I would hands down have to say that it's been one of the BIGGEST LIFE LESSONS I've undertaken.  Learning to have a house of blissful and beautiful 'toddler chaos' one week - then nothing the next.  Creating beautiful memories one week then remembering (without missing her and wanting to cry) the next.  

Morning hugs from my little Tayla bear x

Up until this arrangement, she was practically attached to me.  Went EVERYWHERE with me.... my little mini me. Don't get me wrong I value EVERY milestone that Tayla has achieved, but I think when you are with your child (or anything) for that matter all the time, you without realising, not see them for the true value.... the small things..... the small changes you miss when you see them everyday.

Like in life, when you start to have less (or go without something) you had all the time, you start to reflect on the little things that maybe you didn't quite value to begin with.
The newest addition to the family... meet Miss Pearl :-)
My faith has become really important to me!

Like when you're broke..... that 5c or 10c piece lingering in the bottom of your handbag has as much value as a gold coin.

..... when you're homesick, you think about the small things you miss about home.

..... when you're a broke uni student living off noodles, you think about that dodgy 'goulash' leftovers your mum or dad used to make.

..... when there's a deadline you have to meet and you count out the minutes you wasted.

..... when you miss someone and you look at their photo for a moment longer rather than just a quick glance.

You begin to appreciate what you have more when you lose it.  You start to look at what's happened from a different perspective.  You see it as a chance to reflect, learn and grow. You grow a stronger appreciation for how important the little things are to create the bigger picture.  You become more patient.

Appreciate your gifts, appreciate the small gestures, the smiles, the memories.  Because without them, you will never see the bigger picture for the beauty that it is.

What's something in your life you wish you appreciated more? 

Quality time with my Tayla :-)


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