Your Three Voices - Stop, breathe, listen, trust.

Morning! This morning I was inspired to write about instinct.  I tend to write what's going on in my head and this piece of poetry came to mind. I'd like to write more about this subject at some other time! 

Hope you get something from it!

Your logic.... that 'head' voice.
That direction that seems to fit
That knowledge of right and wrong
Storing the basic information to get through day to day 
The skills you are taught
Listening to and following the rules in the game of life
Learning lessons
Asking questions

Love.... your 'heart' voice
Those butterflies when you meet someone special
That feeling of passion 
A cuddle from the most special people in your life
Doing something that makes you happy
That feeling when you know you're onto something amazing
Accomplishment when you achieve the goal you've been working towards
Listening to and giving compliments 

Your instinct.... that 'gut' voice.
That silent whisper telling you to take a chance
That cheer from the sidelines
That reassurance when your head and heart can't decide if the decision was right.
That subtle voice telling you to maybe reconsider that outfit
That voice telling you that something is not quite right..... or totally ok
That gentle cuddle telling you to relax 
That danger warning when you meet the wrong person
That gentle nudge to walk away from hurt and danger
That feeling you get when you know it's 'right'
That reward you get when you stop, breathe, listen and trust.

It's about balance
Do what makes you happy.... but make sure you're not hurting others
Fall in love..... but let your head and soul keep your feet planted on the floor
Be vigilant of danger.... but don't live in fear
Step outside of your comfort zone...... but don't exhaust yourself
Dream big..... let your heart guide you.... but be respectful


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