The grass is greener

My pink positivity bangle
I went into the Body Shop yesterday to buy some products and the lady at the counter was quite taken by my pink positivity bangle.  She then went on to talk about their new campaign called "Think Positive".  Basically, they provide information, tips and support networks on how to live positive. You can also fill out a cloud which will be placed up on their shop to encourage others to be positive. What a brilliant idea! So if you're near a Body Shop, go and check it out... you never know, it could brighten your day or even inspire you!

You can check out the link here:

A snippet of the top 10

I received a cute little booklet with great info and resources and one of them was a "10 ways to hold off negativity".  Here's a snippet of the list:

Body Shop's new
 One point I would like to highlight (which I found in the CEO message) which was so simple but 100% relevant is the quote: 

"Our glass most definitely half full, our grass is undeniably greener." 

Then I thought about something.

We are so busy comparing what's on our lawn with what's on someone else's lawn.  We yearn to be like or better than someone else.  We try to make the grass on our lawn something that it's not.  We have massive pressures and expectations on ourselves that we have to present our lawn in a way that is unrealistic and beyond reach.  How about instead of comparing others, look at yourself! To quote Think Positive: 

"Row your own boat.  Focus on YOUR own efforts and personal goals - don't get distracted by competition with others."

Maybe you need to reverse your thinking. What is great about your life? What can you do to improve your life? Maybe elements of others can INSPIRE you to change for the better rather than want to compete with them?

A great starting point is to write 5 things you love about yourself, then 5 things about others that inspire you..... if you can make it 10, then GO FOR IT!!! 

I leave you today with this quote:

‎"The grass is always greener on YOUR lawn, just learn to nurture and maintain it. Stop looking at how the other ones compare!"


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