Dance for Today

Good morning! What a glorious muggy day we are experiencing today!

A few blogs back I talked about a calendar I received and some of the inspiring quotes it had.  Well from time to time I will be writing blogs about some of theses quotes as they are just to beautiful and uplifting.

So.... today's blog is about living for today! Being blessed and thankful for what you have today, appreciating that despite things not going your way, you are still most likely better off than the person next to you.  Below is the calendar quote for February:

Every single element of this quote is soooo important but I really want to pull out three lines today:

1. Big problems can be solved in small steps.

I can tell you from experience (and I am certain some of you have experienced it as well) is that seeing a problem as a being unresolvable will make it just that.  Sometimes all it takes is to look at the problem from different angles and consider alternatives.  Maybe something as simple as breaking it down into more manageable chunks.  Or as simple as asking for help.  No one is perfect, we all make mistakes.  We all from time to time create a big problem without realising.  Or we see it as a big problem when in reality it's been blown WAY out of proportion.  So take a step back, take a breath and ask yourself:

What is the issue?
In reality who is it impacting?
Is it stopping me from living my day to day life?
Is it REALLY worth stewing over?
Can it be broken down into smaller chunks or am rowing down sewer creek and need to ask for help?

2. Remember to pray and let God take the burden of worry from your heart.

I understand everyone here doesn't have a relationship with God, but know that he will gladly wear the burdens of your troubles.  He will gladly guide you give you the wisdom to step back and know what to do.  Take the time to meditate on his word, or even if you don't have a relationship with God, meditate on your burdens and try and evaluate them for what they REALLY are NOT what you think they are.  Maybe even write your burdens down and talk to someone with experience to look at productive ways to deal with your burdens.  You are NEVER alone. From time to time, I have actually written down something negative that's on my mind and actually physically ripped up the paper repeating the lines "I am bigger than my troubles. I will never let my troubles consume me."

3. A lot of people love you more than words can say.

Sometimes when we're deep in the garbage or going through difficult times, we feel like we are alone or a burden to others.  Sometimes we are scared that we aren't going to make everyone happy.  Well sadly we can't please everyone all the time! But we can smile and rejoice that those that truly care will embrace and understand your circumstances.  Regardless of who we are, someone loves someone and someone strongly cares for someone.  So if you think you are alone and no one cares..... put on your big man/girl boots and stop thinking that!  Open your heart out and there will always be someone to comfort or guide you in the right path.  Wake up EVERYDAY with a smile and know that you are better off than many others and you've ALREADY WON because you are awake and given yet another chance to see another glorious day. Be the victor not the victim..... victim mentality will only get you so far and ultimately it will never fix your issues and it will never allow you to truly appreciate the beauty that is YOU and your amazing life!

Have a beautiful day :-)


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