Blessing or Burden

Nothing is too big unless
you perceive it as too big!
In a general sense of the word, one's perception of an outcome falls into one of two categories: a BLESSING or a BURDEN.  The very general assessment of a blessing is that it's GREAT, AWESOME, DESIRED.... whatever you want to call it.  The very general assessment of a burden is that it's INCONVENIENT, ANNOYING, BAD LUCK, HARDSHIP.... Etc, etc.

But I challenge you today.

Does a burden REALLY HAVE to be a burden?
Does a run of bad luck or a tricky situation have to drag you down?

Have you ever taken a moment to look at your 'burden' from a different angle?

I call a burden a LESSON.... an EXPERIENCE. The TRUE outcome is really up to YOU. It's about how you look at the glass.  Is it half empty and inviting the potential for further pain and disappointment or half full and inviting the potential to learn a valuable lesson and grow for the better?

So next time you're feeling like you're being hit with hardship.... ask yourself and meditate on these questions:

1. What is it about the situation that is upsetting me?
2. What are the triggers that cause it to become a burden (lesson)?
3. What can I do to constructively reverse my thoughts on that lesson?
4. What am I already BLESSED with in my life?
5. How can I constructively use these blessings to overcome my lessons?
6. What can I do differently next time this or a similar situation may occur?

Before I finish, here are some examples of THOUGHT REVERSAL:

1. "I really hate that person!" -------> "I can't like everyone.  I can be amicable and keep negative words to myself."

2. "Do I have to go to work today?" ------> "I have an opportunity to make a wage and contribute to the natural cycle of society. I have the chance to make someone's day today!"

3. "I hate payday. I don't get to enjoy my pay!" ------> "I have a roof over my head, I had something to eat today and got to experience the things that TRULY matter."

4. "That idiot that dumped me doesn't know what he's/she's missing out on!" ------> "I'm just not compatible with him/her and there's someone awesome waiting around the corner..... I need to reflect on my mistakes and CORRECT them!"

5. "Why did that person have to get the promotion, I DESERVED it!" -------> "In the big scheme of things, there is a logical reason that person got the job.  Congratulations! If it doesn't work, there's another opportunity.  Maybe I need to reflect on what I can do better for next time."

I use thought reversal everyday.  I am human, I know plenty of people that test my patience or I'd be happy to never deal with again.  There are situations that I wish were 'better', but I CHOOSE to not let them burden me.  I choose to let them teach me how to be stronger and wiser.  I choose to NEVER let them drag me down.

I made the decision to change my approach.

It makes a world of difference!

Have a beautiful day xo


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