I bought a really rad inspiration calendar at the end of last year because I was quite struck by some of the quotes.  In my sheer forgetfulness, I forgot to put it up until a couple of days ago..... 

While eating breakfast, the January blurb caught my eye.  
It was about love.
Something I admit I have struggled with all my life..... but thankfully am starting to get a real grasp of now! (Amen!)  Here's the blurb:

These words are so powerful.... I really connect with two lines:

1. "Love is the greatest force on Earth, and it is why we are here."
2. "Love NEVER ends.  The greatest gift you can give to yourself OR another is the gift of commitment.... to say 'I DO' but also 'I WILL'."

I have always firmly believed that no matter what it is we do it for LOVE.  Whether it's the love of the job, it's something we love, it's someone for whom we love.... whatever it may be, that feeling that comes from our heart gives that extra 'umph' or incentive to get it done! 

The butterflies. The happiness. The memories. Those perfect moments.
The things that make us happy and rule our hearts ultimately steer our decisions.

Sadly, some have love but don't know how to express it.  Or they express it in ways that is more harmful to themselves and others. Or they have experienced so much sadness and pain, they have forgotten what's it's like to feel love in their hearts. Some think that validation from others or being in a relationship with another or having children alone is love.  Those things are a part of love, but without loving the person that matters, you will never truly understand what love is.... and that person is


If you can't accept or love yourself, you will never truly be right.  You never truly give 100%.  You will remain insecure.  You will find ways to hurt others.  You will never truly understand gratitude.  You will truly never treat someone how they should be treated.... because you really have no clue how to love yourself!

But don't be vain either! Find that balance.  Find what's awesome about you.... put your best features forward.  Find your purpose. Think of how you would like to be treated before thinking of hurting others.  If you don't like something about someone, maybe look at yourself and wonder if it's you with the issue.  Set yourself free from self-hate! Buy yourself some flowers.... get your hair done.... keep a journal.  

You'll be amazed that with love in your heart and an enormous amount of gratitude, you will be the most amazing version of you possible! You will find balance between your heart and head.... you will feel a sense of purpose and happiness you never knew possible!

It takes time.... so be patient! If it doesn't work straight away, be persistent.... keep trying.... have faith!

Here are 5 small tips to get you started:

1. Everyday, write 3-5 things you are grateful for.  Keep it in a journal.
2. When you wake up, have a good stretch, a drink of water and look in the mirror and smile.
3. Write down EVERYTHING that is awesome about you.... no matter the size! 
4. Exercise and eat well.  Even if it's only a small walk around the block or playing with the kids! At least have a healthy breakfast... give it a go! 
5. Write down your BEST features and ENHANCE THEM!!!

Have a beautiful day! 


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