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2019: A Resolution for the Year Ahead

I don’t know about anyone else here, but I am still trying to get over how fast 2018 has gone! Yesterday my 2018 resolutions came up in my Facebook memories and if I was honest, it was a mixed bag of achievement. I did some cool things this year, but it was nothing full on or with huge shifts like recent years.  And if I was truly honest, that’s not really what I wanted for 2018 anyway.  Some of the stuff I didn’t achieve wasn’t as great as I thought it would be or required me to change in other areas of my life to make them happen… or even opened my eyes to where I was really at.  When I look back at my resolutions, I wanted so much rather than looked into the core reason why I wanted them:  To simply be loved and respected by others.  
So I have set one resolution:  To actually and authentically be ok with who I am and do more things to fill my bucket.
Before I continue, this isn’t saying that I have low self-esteem, I have no respect for myself or my life is terrible, not even the s…

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