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What's your story?

I’ve really taken it upon myself to really work on fixing some mindsets to get myself to a better point of influence and value in my life.Outside of cutting back on social media time, more focused devotional time and creating a gratitude jar, I have gone back to reading during my devotional time.Everyone has been madly suggesting to the “The Universe Has Your Back.”Therefore, a couple of days ago I took it upon myself to get the audible book and start listening to it while making breakfast.I seriously understand why everyone is raving about it!
There’s a few great gems so far, but one that has really challenged me is the concept of ‘choosing your story.’Now I’ll be honest here, when God (or whatever you choose as your higher power) is trying to really emphasise a point, He will really make sure it’s clear he wants you to get the point.I’ve had so many times I’ve been told, ‘only you can write your story,’ your thoughts this… your thoughts that…
Ultimately, I want more from my life in a…

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