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If I Were a Book

Ever read a story or watched something and began to become fixated on knowing the 'spoiler point'? That impatient hunger to know the resolution to save the wait. The slight temptation to skip through the pages and cut straight to what you consider the 'important stuff'. Wondering how all the events at this point in the story even work out. 

Isn't that true with life sometimes? A situation that occurs which leads us straight into the desperation and hunger of wanting to know how it all works out. Will I meet that love of my life? Will I get that dream job? Will I ever have a child? Will I ever experience financial freedom? Will I ever overcome this diagnosis? Will I ever get over this difficulty in my life? Will things get better? So many of the more difficult questions that can at times challenge us to wonder where the answers lie. 
Like anyone else I do experience those moments myself, after all I am human. Contrary to what people will say, I firmly believe everyo…

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