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Heart of a Teacher (Part 2)

After finally turning off my alarm this morning after pressing snooze for the 10th time I dragged myself (literally) out of bed and stumbled my way to the kitchen to make a coffee.  I slowly willed myself through making that coffee and stumbled my way through cutting up an apple to eat before heading to the gym.  By managed to get through teaching my class and slowly got myself organised to get ready for work.  While I was getting organised and having a shower I started to play through in my mind how I was going to navigate today.  How was I going to motivate myself though a long day, meeting and everything else in-between?  
I asked myself, ‘How would any normal ‘non-teacher’ person manage the workload a teacher manages daily?’
How many people out there would have the skills/ patience/ sanity levels/ perseverance to manage 20-30 kids in one room.  20-30 different stories, backgrounds, social combinations, learning levels, issues.  And then taking into account that these variables may c…

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