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After The 'Yes'

I was tidying up one of my cupboards earlier and came across some old photos.  A couple of them were my water baptism photos from 2010.  It’s crazy to think that it’s been roughly seven years since this event and eight years since I first said ‘yes’ and became a Christian.  I won’t go into my testimony as I have already blogged about it. Instead I want to talk about ‘after the yes.’ I want to tell how my story has unfolded and maybe encourage others who either are at a crossroads or make assumptions about Christian faith to understand that despite differences in everyone’s story, positive and unwavering faith and positive obedience is important.
If you’ve ever heard anyone’s faith testimony, 99% talk about the moment they said yes.  They can pinpoint the moment, who they were with, the name of the Pastor to the dot.  Mine was during a 9am service at Calvary when Kieran Wallis was preaching.  I was sitting on my own with Tayla in the pram next to me.  For about six months leading to tha…

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