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Success Truths

Hi everyone!I know the gap between blog entries seems to get longer each time, but I haven’t forgotten my awesome readers.Life has been super busy with a crazy mix between raising my amazing little Tayla bear, the hustle of my teaching job, mixed with trying to work towards big successes with my instructing and trying to navigate through all the surprises life throws at me.
I want to take some time to share four truths I live by when working towards becoming the best version of myself possible.I might not look like the ‘perceived picture of success,’ but if you have known me for over a decade you would know how far I have come and what I have now from years of hard work, failures, learning experiences and commitment to just keep moving forwards.I really hope these truths will motivate you towards your own version of personal greatness!

Truth #1: Don’t be a slave to failure
Another approach could be, ‘don’t allow fear to paralyse your dreams.’When challenges or failures arise, the easiest…

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