Starting over.... starting over

When I grew up, I always had the false impression and hope that you got an Education, left home, extended your Education and THAT Education was your career path.  You found a good man, fell in love, got married had kids and lived happily ever after.

Mmmmmm..... why didn't I get the reality check sooner???!!! 


For years I've had this attitude that because I 'did something' or 'had a piece of paper', or was a 'mum' or was an 'adult', I had the right to jump a few steps.  That I felt I already knew so the basic steps weren't necessary.  But things have been so different over the last 15 months! I've gone through the 'reality check' over and over in various forms. Having to come to terms with the fact that yes, at 28, I am STARTING OVER.  

For months I fought it, I find a way around it.  Why me? Why do I have to go back to square one? Why do I have to be the novice again? Why are all these younger people steps ahead of me? Why did that person get the promotion? Why? Why? BLOODY WHY???

But recently, in the mist of my ever changing life and the lessons I have had to learn (whether I've wanted to or not) I am coming to accept that starting over, comes with a set of conditions:

1. You start from the BEGINNING.  You are at the bottom of the ladder again.  
2. The EGO is dead.  Get rid of it, otherwise you'll keep making the same mistakes!
3. You have to go through the learning process, listen to people and advice that maybe you don't want to hear. 
4. Listen to the realities of where you sit in the big scheme of things.  
5. Accept the reality of the whole situation.  Take in how you present yourself and what went wrong in the past.
6. Be prepared for set backs.... but don't give up! Just learn and grow.
7. Don't set high expectations for how things are going to pan out.... it will hold you back from endless and awesome possibilities!!!

When life throws you a second chance, embrace it and accept that it's a long journey ahead.  Accept every little thing for it's overall value.  When it gets tough, don't EVER give up.... accept, reflect and MOVE FORWARD.

Don't ever see starting over as a burden.... see it as the DEATH of the worst version of you and a REBIRTH of the BEST VERSION OF YOU!!!

Have a beautiful day! :-)


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