A cure to the epidemic that is sadness

Today is just a simple blog about happiness. That's all. Nothing too informative.... more like a practical lesson.  A page of pure happiness for the purpose of making you smile! So please, take a few moments to just look at the pictures and read the words, take a breath, meditate on those words.... imagine all of these things..... take the time and you will SMILE!

♥ Happiness is contagious.... happiness is beautiful...... Happiness makes you more beautiful and amazing than you can ever imagine.... Happiness keeps the world moving.... if you're not happy, FIND a way to be happy!!! ♥

Things that make people smile..... hmmmm.....

Cute puppies, sunshine, drizzly rain with hot chocolate & movies, cute kittens, Jesus, pretty colours, pretty flowers, chocolate, cake, music, rainbows, fireworks, show rides, movies, funny jokes, cuddles, that new car smell, sleeping new born babies, happy children, cartoons, nature, food, your favourite outfit, shoes, lollies, parties, kids birthday parties, costumes, jumping castles, face painting, painting, achieving goals, pay day, getting mail that isn't bills, catching up with friends, catching up with long lost friends, coffee, food baking in the oven, half price sales, a warm smile from someone, that cute boy/girl asking you out on a date, marriage proposals, horse riding on the beach, popcorn at the theatre, fairy floss, ice-cream at the beach, falling in love, Elmo, dancing, dancing in the rain, splashing in puddles, odd coloured socks, finding $20 in your shirt pocket, friends, family, doing something you love, happy endings, singing in the car.....

It's a start, I could be here all day..... Think about what makes you smile and makes you happy.  They are simple things.  Take a moment to take a deep breath and appreciate the happy things this awesome world brings.  Never let happiness pass by you because you're sad.... let the sadness go!


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