You are an individual.... you are loved.... you are accepted!

There are times in life that without realising we allow the actions of others impact on feelings, insecurities and decisions on which path to take next.  Some brush it off and move on, some fight it, and some absorb it and become consumed by fear.

You were placed on this Earth to be YOU, to find YOU and to evolve into the person YOU were created to be!  Everyone can't love or accept you.... that's too draining! Here are five ways to approach those small lingering insecurities....

1. If you are talking about me, I must be IMPORTANT enough to be spoken about.  What you say is none of my business anyway.

2. I am an individual.... I say, act, appear and do things because that's who I AM.  If you don't like it, then there's the door.

3.  I admit that I'm not the most stunning, sexy or graceful person in the world, but my closest friends know me for the awesome qualities that I DO HAVE. And really? Why should I pretend to be something I'm not??? Save it for the Theatre!

4.  I am MORE INTERESTED in what I already have and will pursue what is WORTH HAVING.

5. I do things because I LOVE and ENJOY THEM.... I only want things in my life that uplift me, inspire me and make me happy..... so what if that seems selfish?! In perspective, if I'm happy then I can be the best person to make OTHERS HAPPY. And I don't mean be greedy.... find balance!

Have an awesome day.... look in the mirror..... smile..... blow a kiss and say "Have a beautiful day!!"


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