There's no denying I've changed a lot.

I'm going through this stage at the moment where I'm starting to acknowledge the path I am heading down and trying to make changes to suit that.  I was reading a book that a friend lent me called "God's Wisdom for a Woman's Life" and it really spoke to me about a few things that have been on my mind lately.

The word 'priorities' has been really strong on my mind:

What am I doing in my life that is setting an example to grow wiser and bless others?
What in my life serves a purpose to inspire and what is simply an act of selfishness?
Do I focus my energies towards building lifelong connections with those who are important to me or am I more focused on trying to please everyone?
Do I stay strong and consistent in voicing what I know is right or do I allow myself to be caught in the overflow of what everyone else thinks?
Do I have enough trust and confidence in myself to just go forth in faith rather than just sit there and say it?

Although I may not show it on the outside, deep down I am going through a big period of self-evaluation.  I have this strong desire in my heart that I only want to be around things that grow and empower me and allow me the opportunity to inspire others.  I also have a desire to encourage others of these ideals:

1. Education isn't just about learning and practising skills, it's also about understanding the connections between your head and your heart.
2. Talents are great, but without confidence and belief of your capabilities, you'll ultimately fall flat on your face every time.
3. How you view yourself on the inside will find it's own way to manifest itself to the outside no matter how much you try to hide it.
4. Wisdom gets you a lot further than ignorance.
5. The strongest and most disciplined individuals will listen to what their gut tells them above all things.  These individuals are always prepared to stand up for what they know is right, but will use discernment and diplomacy to voice that.
6. Experience shouldn't be just an indication of how good you are, but how much education you can provide someone further down the ladder than you.

So as I start to charge forward into the next season of my life, I know that it's time to change and challenge my priorities.  It's also time to just listen to my gut and stop worrying about what others think...... or even adapt my thinking to suit others.  The right people will stay in my life if I stay true to who I am and my purpose.  If they aren't meant to be there, then I need to lovingly let them go.


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