Pay it forward

I believe that growth happens over four phases:

You RECOGNISE the need to change or improve.
You ACT upon this need.
You INSPIRE others to start the changes.
You lovingly GUIDE them using your wisdom.

Although personal change is great and thumbs up if that's what you're doing, I feel that the process isn't truly fruitful unless you're inspiring and guiding others as well.  Sometimes when our own changes happen and we're celebrating our achievements, there are others that can feel intimidated yet never show it.  Although it's natural to be happy for other's success, in reality, if it's not going right for that person, it can be difficult to take in.  That's where guidance and inspiration become so important!

Look at it from this angle.  Why would you want to enjoy the fruits of your hard work on your own? Wouldn't you want others to experience the same awesome rewards that you are experiencing now? That feeling of happiness within yourself that you've inspired someone to find their own way forwards? That friend or loved one that can't seem to get a breakthrough.... you can help them by giving them the inspiration via your own experience.

This is happening to me now.  I lost my weight, started running, went through my personal storm (which I'm still going through, but it's easier to deal with), found God, discovered myself and now I want to share my experiences to inspire others to do the same.  I don't want to keep the fruits of my hard work to myself.  I don't want to be silent in my achievements.  I want others to know that it can be done.  I want people to ask me for guidance in the same way that I asked (and still ask) others.  I so want to see others go through their own little journey and know in my heart that maybe something I did in my own experience inspired them to start.  I am not in it for the accolades or the material rewards.  I'm in it because I enjoy seeing how far I've come and how much I've already impacted others.  I wish I could count the amount of times someone has gotten in touch with me and asked for advice or to simply say thank you for inspiring them.  It feels awesome.  On the same token, I still ask for advice from others.  I am still inspired by what others do.  I get inspiration, make the changes then pay it forward to those who need it.  It's a never ending cycle that I'm more than happy to keep going with.

So when you're starting your own journey...... remember where you came from and how far you have come.  Celebrate that..... then help start a party in someone else's life. :-)


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