Today I'm feeling quite compelled to write about hope in the toughest of situations.  I want to use today's blog to discuss two points:

1. Why I think social networking is great when used for the purposes of good.
2. Why I have started to call rock bottom 'hopeatunity'.

Now social networking gets quite a bad wrap at times and yes I believe these concerns can be validated.  Unfortunately the negative issues cloud over some of most incredible character building opportunities anyone can witness.  Realistically, social networking is like anything in the real world: it can be used either as a weapon of hurt and destruction or as a safe place of hope and healing.  Social networking can enhance opportunities for hope in the lives of those who feel like all is lost.  It can provide reassurance that those who have been hurt are not alone.  It can magnify opportunities for personal empowerment and the craving for something more.  It can inspire many to be resilliant through their difficult times. Consider how you use it......  

Do you use it to complain about your faults or do you use it as inspiration to move forwards?
Do you use it to attack or motivate others?
Do you use it as motivation to grow wiser or dig yourself deeper?

Remember what you give is what you receive.  Use social networking for the purposes of good and positive outcomes will be your reward no matter the size.  This brings me to point two…. the concept of hopeatunity.

To me 'hopeatunity' are an obvious mix of the words 'hope' and 'opportunity'.  Rock bottom is an opportunity to see hope in action if you work at it and allow the storm to run it's cause.  It's also an opportunity to build character and share your story of hope with others.  Note that I'm not saying rock bottom is the end!  Rock bottom is an amazing opportunity to be planted as a small seed and given the right (and nourishing) process to grow into something beautiful!  And it's never too late to start!  A dying plant can be bought back to life with the right opportunities for nourishment and influence to grow.  

So tell yourself next time you're feeling close to rock bottom that hopeatunity knocks!  


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