Beyond the Mediocre....

One on-going theme I keep hearing is learning to live beyonds the confines of mediocrity. To take risks and be prepared to roll up your sleeves. To move and flourish outside of your comfort zone while staying honest with yourself.

I consider mediocrity as the 'half-way person'. They go with the flow of the world and only truly keep themselves half satisfied. They only do what's required of them and nothing more. Sometimes even that's a big ask.  You may find that the attitude of these individuals are mundane and negative - like nothing seems to be working out for them.... nothing makes them happy..... they begin to compare themselves towards other people's success and wonder why they get such a negative concept of themselves.

But really, why does life have to be that way? There is no shame in striving for success. There's no shame in stepping outside of your comfort zone. There's no shame in craving for and working towards becoming the best version of yourself. If you truly want what the heart desires, you need to be prepared to take that leap past the zone of mediocrity. Set goals and 100% with passion work towards them. Ask for advice when you need it. Be positively influenced by those who have experience. Be constructively honest with yourself and be prepared to adapt and grow. Be open to try new things. Stop living in the past, but use it as a foundation to build from. Reflect on your journey. Look to the big picture of every vision. When things go wrong, reflect.... Learn and grow.

Since I've lived beyond mediocrity, I am so satisfied with myself. I love the person I have become. I love how my full life influences others. I love how my relationships with others are so much fuller and stronger than they have ever been. I never enjoyed mediocrity. I love the path that's beyond it and its rewards.....

And believe me..... I am never ever in a million years turning back!


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