So in case you're unfamiliar, I work as a Secondary Teacher.  This year I was given a Science and Maths class and to be honest, I really freaked out!  I do however admit, I feel a little smarter and wiser now because it's been one massive learning process after another.  I'm also coming to realise that I actually have a new found respect for those subject areas.  I also admit that within some of the content I'm learning, a few philosophical perspectives come to mind.

Let's look at my Science class this term for example.  This term we are looking at energy in terms of what it is, forms of energy, how it's produced, how it changes and how the ratio between wasted and used energy impacts on it's efficiency.  Through teaching these students about the topic, a thought came to mind.....

In a nutshell, energy makes things happen. When an action is being completed, energy can start in one form then change into another during the process.  From there, some of it is used and some of it is wasted.  The amount that is used verses the amount wasted determines its efficiency.  

I feel that same concept goes with your energy and approach to life.

You were born to make things happen.... over varying experiences throughout your life.  You enter an experience in one 'form' (wisdom, maturity, experience).  Then during the process you are changed and re-shaped into a new 'form' when the experience is over.  Some of the energy you put into the experience is 'wasted' (does nothing to keep life moving in the right direction) and some of it is put to good use.  

Take a moment to ask yourself how much of your energy is used and wasted in an experience.  How much of your energy is spent worrying, sweating the small stuff and being negative, and how is spent loving and appreciating everything you do.  How much of your energy is spent being angry at someone rather than just dealing with the situation and moving on.  How much of your energy is spent doing nothing over actually doing? How much of your energy is spent wondering what could have been when you had adequate opportunity to make it happen?  How do you measure?  Are you efficient or inefficient with your energies when you get presented with an experience?

If you don't measure up, find a way to use the right energy.... even if it's 1% at a time.  Every percent balances the equation in the most positive way possible! 


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