A letter to myself.....

Ok, so I admit lately I've been feeling a little down on myself.  Sometimes I get a little down because I work hard for everything I do and occasionally my confidence takes a little beating when things don't turn out quite the way I'd like.  In this period of personal growth from time to time I am going to have to work a little harder to 'love myself' and get to know the great aspects of myself that I have to offer the world.  I was having a discussions with some ladies on a Facebook Mother's group and the concept of self love came up.  As frustrating and annoying it is to hear sometimes, it's true.  What would someone look for in YOU when YOU as a person don't have a clue what you see in yourself (thank you Claire btw!).  So I figure, why not a better way to do this then through a self love letter.

Yep..... you heard correctly...... I'm writing myself a love letter! Don't worry I giggled at the thought too.  But ultimately, I want to train out my great qualities more and really work on chopping back my poor ones.

Sooooo..... here goes...... I'll add some comic relief to lighten the mood..... maybe some scented candles or something...... or some flowers..... or maybe some chocolates......

Dear Krystal,

Has anyone told you what awesome person you are?  How you try to see the fun and positive side of everything?  Maybe even try to crack a silly joke in the hope that you make those around you laugh.  How you try to see the good side of people and try to make them feel great about themselves.  Sometimes people take advantage of that and try to hurt you, but know that you are stronger than all those hurts and are well protected by those closest to you.  All you want is for others to see themselves for the beauty that you see them and sometimes you just want to hold them close and take their pain away.

Has anyone ever told you that you are a very passionate person?  You just want to roll up your sleeves and have a go at anything that comes your way.  Yes sometimes you complain before you start, but once you're in the swing of it, you put your own personal touch to it and try to find a way to inspire others to have a go.  That awesome joy in your face and smile that you express when you achieve your goals and see how inspired and driven people become because of your actions.  All those times you've written notes or shouted words of encouragement to get those who are struggling along to the finish line.  I love how you just try to make the most of every experience..... take in every morsel of it.... and do it with a smile and a laugh.  And you don't care who's watching, if it's fun, why not just have a go?

Has anyone ever told you that you are such a loving person?  That all you want is to give love and get it in return.  You don't care about the materials or the awards, all you want is to be shown love and guided by love.  Sometimes you get frustrated because it seems like you're not getting that, but know that people notice and care about your cause and what you're doing.  They are just watching in interest to see what you are doing next.  Sometimes others are focused on their own goals and concerns, so never assume that they don't take you for granted!

Has anyone ever told you that you're an amazing role model to your child? Tayla looks to you for love and encouragement.  She sees her beautiful Mummy that does lots of things.  She tells you every morning that you're beautiful and she loves you, because you tell her the same thing every day you see her.  Although you don't get to see her everyday, I'm certain she thinks you're her entire universe.  Although you get frustrated that she won't sleep in her own bed, she just simply misses you and wants your time.  She wants comfort and reassurance from her Mother and that cuddle calms her to sleep.  And when she wakes in the morning, she is ready for that Good Morning cuddle and hand-held walk down the stairs.  Tayla loves coming to theatre and church with you..... she tries to imitate you.  How many times does she follow you when you're exercising or play role-play exercises or sings to you?  That shows how incredible she thinks you are!

Has anyone ever told you that you are very loved by many?  Although it's not with a husband, it shouldn't matter.  You are important to so many and these people all appreciate the love and time you put into them.  One day that right person will see what everyone else sees and will want to include himself and will fight tooth an nail to make that happen.  People are always wanting to catch up with you or ask you for advice, because you hold so much value.

And finally, you need to know how valuable you are.  You have a beautiful child to nurture, nearly 170 children to educate to become leaders, a church full of beautiful souls you can impact through your singing and testimony. ..... and more.  If you ever have a moment where you don't think you're worth anything..... stop thinking that and remember the great purposes you have in this world.  You are important and greatly impacting to others..... don't ever forget!!!

When you wake up each morning Krystal, don't forget to remind yourself of how amazing and important you are.  Buy yourself some flowers, get your nails done, give your beautiful daughter a big cuddle, write a list of your greatest qualities..... do what you have to do to remind yourself that you're unique and truly beautiful you are.

Love always...... Me! xx


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