My Day of Thanks

In my devotional time this morning, I felt this desire to just simply think about what I have and give thanks for every little bit of it.  As clique as it sounds, every day is a gift that I can unwrap and add to what I have already experienced in the days before.  

So what am I thankful for?

  • A beautiful and safe home with everything I need. 
  • A comfortable bed to sleep on every night...... well the corner of it after Tayla sneaks in through the night and begs to sleep in the bed with me and decides that she owns the bed.
  • The most beautiful, loving and all-round amazing daughter I could ever dream of!  Those "I love yous", warm cuddles, songs/dances, story times.... every moment that I get to spend with her (even the frustrating ones where I want to explode).
  • The opportunity to be a mother.  Some people never get that opportunity, but by the grace of God I was given the gift of parenthood.  Tayla just melts my heart!
  • The most amazing friendships that I could ever imagine!  I have so many beautiful people in my life who I share common bonds with and love me for who I am no matter what season I am in.  They believe in me no matter the circumstance and know I am not perfect - but love me anyway!
  • I haven't had to go hungry.  I always have something to eat on my table - it hasn't always been what I've wanted and I've had to be creative with random pantry leftovers, but it nourishes me and that's all I need.
  • The opportunity to make an income.  The bills are always paid and there are some stressful weeks, but I am blessed that I have what I need.
  • An amazing job!  I know I have to work huge hours right now and I am usually really exhausted at the end of the day, but I love being there.  I have built some of the most incredible friendships and everyone is just so amazing, supportive and encouraging!
  • I get an opportunity to influence.  Through the ministry of education, creative arts and serving at my church, I have numerous opportunities to use my testimony to influence others to make positive decisions in their life.
  • I get an opportunity to build an shape a new generation of performers.  I get the chance to develop an amazing Drama department.  It's a long term thing, but it's so exciting and such an honour that this trust has been passed onto me.  It's going to be such a fun, unpredictable and challenging journey, but I'm happy to step up to the plate!
  • ebay..... yes I really said that!  Yay for eBay because I am buy awesome and colourful fashion and jewellery making stuff!
  • My creativity:  I am so glad I am a creative person - I love taking a piece of 'nothing' and turning it into 'something'!
Well that's some of the things I am thankful for anyway.  I'm sure there's lots more, but thinking is pretty limited at 5am.  My encouragement to you today is to actually take some time to reflect on what you are thankful for.  Don't ask or demand for anything...... just take a moment to look at what you have and just say 'thank you'.  Take those things and hold them close, so that when a storm comes you can use them as your shelter.  


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