Patience: The capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.

What a bold statement about patience!  Upon initial reading, it comes across as such a painful way to think.  And sadly that's how some of us view it..... as a form of trouble and suffering.  Some of us naturally want something thrown into our laps right now and will sacrifice everything else around us in order to do so.  We wait for what we DON'T have yet by sacrificing fulfilment in what we already have because the unreachable seems more appealing.... or seems like it's the answer to our concerns.

But I want to draw you to one word in the definition: accept.  Patience is about accepting these things!  Accepting is acknowledgement that you want to focus on what's within your control NOW rather than be powered by what is not within reach.  What you do later will define you later..... but what you do NOW will define how you approach it later!  Don't be impatient and settle if it's not right.  Focus on what's amazing and awesome in your life now - later will come when it's ready!


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