The spark

I get asked quite frequently how I find the motivation to live the life I live (I'd even go as far as daily). What's my secret? What pixie dust do I need to sprinkle? etc.... etc.... etc....

It's simple really.

It's called MINDSET and ATTITUDE.

You'd be amazed at what you can accomplish when you open your mind and exercise it.  Your mind is such a powerful tool - when you exercise it correctly, it opens every other avenue of yourself in ways you could never have imagined.  It's about taking time to be silent and listen to your mind, body, heart and soul.  Taking the time to be kind to yourself and get to know who you are.  Sometimes in life we become so 'tunnel visioned' about who we are that we never open our minds to what we COULD be.  Sometimes it's as simple as 'letting go' of all your tunnel vision thoughts and start living outside of your four walls.

It's also about attitude.  Attitude is a big deal.  If you don't love what you do or find a way to love what you do, it really shows.  People from all walks are drawn to happy and energetic people.... even the haters.  I don't care what anyone mentions to me, I firmly 100% believe that talent alone is NEVER enough.  If you don't have the love or positive attitude to back yourself up, you are not living to the potential that you can live.

In a nut shell, I have set myself ten life motive conditions that I live by in everything I do:

1. I find a reason to laugh.  Let the 'light moments' lift you rather than allow negativity to weigh you down.
2. I constantly reflect and ask questions.  I'd rather admit I can't do something and get help over making the same mistakes over and over.
3. I find a way to incorporate an element of me or use the skills I already know to get through something I struggle with or don't completely enjoy (and have to do).
4. I have a baseline plan, but I am constantly adapting and rearranging my life to suit my circumstances.
5. I put my heart into everything! I love being known as the person who rolls their sleeves up. Consider the quote "reap what you sow".
6. I practice reversal thinking.  If something is upsetting me or not working out like planned, I take the time to reverse my thinking. Turn a negative thought into a positive one.  Write down what's on my mind and then rewrite it in reverse and tear up the negative one.
7.  I allow for change.  Change keep us on our toes and makes life interesting.  Change also teaches us to open our minds to potential.
8. I challenge myself.  The second you feel comfortable with where you are, it's so easy to become complacent and in turn go stale.  The moment you acknowledge that you're 'comfortable', take the time to stop and find ways to grow!
9.  I am prepared to learn lessons.  I am not perfect.... I am far from it! When I have those 'failing moments' rather than get angry and play the blame game, I stop and reflect on the process I went through.  Every failure is the opportunity for a lesson!
10. I am prepared to try new things.  Sometimes when you try something outside of your realms, you can surprise yourself with what you are capable of.  And it also gives you an opportunity to learn more about yourself.

So at the end of the day my motivation to wake up and live my life is the desire to dive into life and do things with great love.  Life is an adventure! If you're not prepared to dive in and test the waters then you're not living the life you're truly meant to live.

Have a great night!


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