Rock bottom: Finding the rainbow in the storm

I just feel so strongly compelled to write this blog tonight.  A part of my soul is just screaming at me to write this message.

I want this to be a message to every person who is experiencing rock bottom at the moment that there is light to every tunnel of darkness.  That no matter how much pain you're in, time really does heal.  I know it sounds like garbage hearing it now, but really believe me when I say it.  It's hard to see it while you're experiencing the toughest times, but know that there comes a time (without you even realising) where you can stop, take a breath, look back and see how far you've come.

Sometimes when you hit rock bottom, you need to crawl for a while to know how to walk and limp slowly to gain the strength to dance. 

I have experienced rock bottom.  I have experienced pain.  I have had nights and mornings where I've sat in my room and cried and prayed.  I have had days where I've asked "why me?".  I've had days where I've wondered if the end of the storm was really in sight. I've had times where I was in-between homes and didn't have 'my own' warm bed to sleep in.  I've had moments where the negative circumstances were starting to outweigh the positive ones. And most of all, I've had moments where my faith, hope and sanity were stretched to levels where I could have reached breaking point.

But I chose to breathe and persevere.  I chose to keep faith that everything was going to be ok.  I chose to believe that time was on my side. I choose to cling onto what great things in my life I did have.  I chose to not let pain defeat me.  I chose to start building a path that seemed pointless at the time, but has taken me to places I never knew possible! 

I did a few things in my process: I wrote inspiring messages on my mirror, read my Bible, socialised with great friends (ie. positive, inspiring and positively constructive people), started a quotes booklet, exercised, ate well, cried when I needed to, kept busy...... basically did things that were constructive and made me happy,  But I did everything with the knowledge that progress happens one day at a time.  Even the days where I just wanted to give up, I reminded myself that I was one day further away from my negative circumstances and one day closer to my positive ones!

So remember that you are beautiful, inspiring and have an amazing chance to make your mark on the world.  Take a breath, keep crawling/walking, stay strong and know that you are loved enormously! 

Smile and keep your eye focused on the rainbow at the end of the storm!!!! 

Have a beautiful night! 


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