Chaos and order: finding contentment in balance

To say that this year has been huge for me is an understatement.  I am just loving this passion that's within me and this deep peace and happiness that I am feeling for the first time in my life.  There's nothing more motivating and amazing than living a life with contentment and purpose but also having the power within myself to stay strong through the rainy periods.

I would be lying if I said I didn't experience problems.... we all experience them! I think a little bit of chaos is healthy in our lives.  Where is true order without the small element of chaos to keep us on our toes? If life had no chaos, we would all become complacent and not be challenged..... we need to be challenged to bring about balance.  Challenge brings about reflection and when done properly, brings about growth.  Challenges make us aware of the 'little something' that is missing.  Challenges remind us to be thankful for what we DO have.  Challenges are our wake up call to break patterns and most of all challenges open up a current situation at perspectives we didn't know possible.

Without rain, crops can't grow. Without disasters, affected towns may never see progress.  Without heartbreak, the heart will never truly grow in love or nurture forgiveness and gratitude.  Without failure, lessons will never be learnt.  Without loss, people will never truly nurture what's in their arms now.  Without pain, people will never truly understand empathy for other people's circumstances.  Without chaos, no one will ever truly understand how special 'order' is when it's a gift that's placed in their hands.

Difficult circumstances are never the end.  When going through times of difficulty, take off those boots that are weighing you down and dance.  Open your eyes and see things for what they are now and what they have the potential to be later.  Open those lips and sing with joy the happiness that you do have.  And open your heart to love and support from the ones that love you the most.

Enjoy your night!


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