An antidote called 'time'

Have you ever met that person where no matter what happens you just can't shake them?

You try everything: anger, ignoring, reversal thinking, distraction, praying, talking to others, crying, trying to find an ugly side..... just to name some things.

But you just can't seem to shake them.

I have heard times throughout my life that when you fall in love or find your 'one', it's like being smacked by a bus. Ok so I haven't been physically hit by a bus..... but the overall romantic feeling just seems to be quite impacting.

You see something and it reminds you of them.  Their voice is just so soothing.  When you smell their cologne, it smells incredible.  When you were able to hug them, it was the most incredibly warm and comforting hug.  You get butterflies when you think about them.... even when you see them.

Well this man greatly impacted me. I haven't come across another one like him.  I did look for a little bit, but no one made the 'cut'. I am not going into any depth about the entire situation or where this man and I stand now, but I still care about him enormously. It doesn't consume my life nor is it obsessive, it's more the fact that this man ticked all my boxes but I have to accept that feelings are feelings and eventually, with time, they will vanish.  

I honestly can't explain it, I really wish I could.  Maybe it's 'stupid'.  Maybe I'm this young and naive woman that fell in love.  

But I am learning about time.  Time is really important sometimes.  Sometimes situations don't have quick fixes.  Sometimes true healing comes with time and patience.  Along the way I am learning about myself and becoming stronger.  I am learning that there are men that can tick my boxes and although I may never get the 'one' that I want, I am sure that in time,  the feelings will just vanish.

Have a great night....


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