Faith: Your Protection, Comfort, Peace, Smile and Laugh

So I'll be upfront and 'warn' readers: This is a Christian themed blog..... it's about finding God.... about spirituality and faith.

Actually, better yet.  I am not going to warn you.  I am going to encourage you to read this and take what you want from what I have written.  I'm tired of having to tip toe around and pretend that I am something that I am not. This blog is not about Bible Bashing, it's about a journey where I found a man that saved my life: Jesus.

I had an attitude problem. I was pessimistic. I let fear and anxiety cripple me. All I wanted was to be loved.  All I wanted was to be accepted.  I was bullied and always felt like I 'didn't belong'.  I lacked true direction..... I was going down a life path with no idea what to do next.  My Nonna (Lord rest her soul) was always into me to go to Church, but I considered God a pointless waste of time and the Bible was fiction.  The thought of even walking into a church made me cringe. Going into my adult life, I was always so angry with everyone, negative about everything and hated being told I was wrong.  Most nights, I cried myself to sleep because I felt hopeless and empty.

I am convinced my journey to Christ started years ago, but I was too ignorant to see it.  I remember getting to the end of my Music Degree and I was stuck at a cross-roads: Do I apply for Education (which I really DIDN'T want to do) or for a Manager position at Sanity.  I applied for both and let 'fate' play it's cards.  I got into Education and didn't get the job.  Did my course and got my job at Pimlico (all the while not changing my attitude towards life).  I lost the job and was pretty much unemployed (I was too stubborn to relief teach.  In a moment of desperation one day I decided that I was going to open the phone book and call the first school that seemed appealing.  Low and behold (and I am serious), I called Calvary Christian College and asked if they had work.  I worked as a Relief Teacher there (and Education Queensland) for the next four years.  Working at Calvary taught me about Christ and revisiting my teacher basics and working for EQ taught me about behaviour management and persistence..... oh and some handy teaching strategies.

Anyway, over the initial years of Relief Teaching, I was back and forth between the Church.  I didn't really have a support network to keep me coming back each week and I was dealing some issues at home.  For a while I stopped going altogether because I didn't think I needed God's help. I had lost a lot of weight and as my confidence was returning, I thought I could just continue on my own. But there was one stage last year, that I hit rock bottom.  I was depressed, work was drying up, I was miserable in my relationship, I was bullied, I slept on a half-blown inflatable mattress on a cold wooden floor because I just hated myself. I was angry because life really wasn't panning out how I had hoped. I cried myself to sleep every night and one stage I wondered if life really was worth living.

But a work colleague took me back to Church one night and with a group of other colleagues beside me, I decided I wanted to recommit my life to God. What did I have to lose really? I was already at rock bottom, may as well see where this goes.

It was the best decision I ever made.

My life is just awesome now.  I have a full-time teaching job, a safe and beautiful home, I am fitter and healthier than I have ever been, I am inspiring others, I am thinking clearer, I don't cry myself to sleep anymore, I have the strength to stand up for myself now, I have the strength to not allow toxic people in my life, my organisation skills have improved enormously, I am happily single because I know that in my heart God is there to protect me from harm.  He brings people into my life to teach me, protect me, prosper me and love me for who I am.

I have bad days, and difficult moments.  I had moments where I cried.  I've been put in circumstances where my patience and skills have been tested. I had moments where I wondered if I made the right move.  But in every difficult moment, I dug deep and found a positive.  Nothing in life happens by accident.  Difficult times teaches us lessons and to have faith that there is a rainbow in every storm.  I have continued to grower wiser because I have every faith that the Lord will provide for me and my child.

Never underestimate the power of faith. It opens you up to endless possibilities to grow.  It opens you up to be positive.  Faith is your comfort when you feel fear.  Faith is your pat on the back when you're on the correct path. I am one of the many stories that demonstrates the power of faith and allowing Christ into your life.  I am so happy, content and at peace. I am full of love and my arms are stretched out to inspire others.  And most of all, my faith in Christ has pulled me out of the storm and set me on the straight path to a life of deep happiness and fulfilment.

Enjoy your day!


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