The Moment (that isn't really your moment)

Have you ever been in a situation where you've worked extremely hard towards something? Devoted blood, sweat and tears to it? Used up lots of time and energy to put it all together.

You then go to present your efforts with optimism that it's going to be receive great praise.  You are confident and 'know' success is in the bag!

But then someone else gets it.
Or someone who put in less effort did a better job overall.

Heartbreaking isn't it?

You go home and get a little emotional because you just can't understand why, after all that hard work, you didn't do as well as you had hoped. The sheer disappointment that someone who put little effort in, outdid you.

As frustrating as this sounds, I'm going to tell you right now to get rid of that attitude NOW!

Before you sit there and feel sorry for yourself, consider these thoughts:

The opportunity wasn't the right one for you: Even if you think it was, it really wasn't. That person who felt didn't work hard enough probably put just worked just as hard as you..... you just didn't see it!  This opportunity could help that person grow in ways they never knew possible.   Life is full of opportunities which are pre-destined for each of us.  When the dust settles and you see the ENTIRE opportunity for what it's truly worth, you will come to realise that maybe it wasn't the right opportunity after all.

You became too emotionally attached: It's so easy to become emotionally attached to a something that you are working towards.  When you don't take the time to step back and refocus or ask for feedback, then everything becomes stagnant.  You'd be amazed that when you step back and start to see the same thing with fresh ideas, how much potential it has to grow!

It's a learning curve: See this whole situation as a big life lesson! Take the time to reflect on what went right and what went wrong.  If you can correct the issues than there's a higher rate of success next time. If you keep making the same mistakes and blame others, then your resentment and stubbornness will hold you back.

There's a bigger opportunity waiting for you: It may not seem fair right now, but the next opportunity could be bigger and better than you ever dreamed possible.  The experience of learning from setbacks makes the bigger opportunities easier to obtain.  Think positive that the setback you experienced is an experience.  Experience is valued!

Dwelling on it won't help you move forwards: Stop playing the blame game! Stop making others feel bad for doing well! Stop dwelling on the could haves! You didn't get it..... simple! Just learn from the experience, take a deep breath and try again later.  If you sit around worrying then it's going to start eating away at you. A fresh, positive and reflective mind will flourish and succeed, not a negative and resentful one!

So wipe those tears, stop being angry, reflect and learn, stay positive and continue to pace forwards on the journey ahead.  There is no end to setbacks so take them and grow! Grow! Grow!


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