The stale storm moment

Have you ever had one of those moments in your life where you are at your wits end?  Where everything becomes a stale and mindless routine?  Where it feels like your efforts are unnoticed and unappreciated? Or maybe you feel like you're being taken for granted?

It's these moments where it's so easy to throw in the towel...... really who's going to notice anyway?

Yes those moments are difficult, and yes it's SO EASY to give up!  But nothing that is truly treasured to you or worth it is easy.  Let's be frank here, if everything in life was easy, we'd be walking around with the perfect body, driving around in expensive cars, making an incredible amount of money and be able to do as we please.

But in having something that is easy to maintain, would you truly appreciate it for its FULL value or take it for granted!

To be realistic, EVERYTHING can become stale, even if it was easy to maintain.  Routine can get boring, difficult times can make it really hard to keep moving forwards; Looking at what others have does make it REALLY difficult to see what is important to you.  It's moments like these where you just have to stop and reflect!

Whether anyone agrees or not, when I go through a period of staleness, I look to three things:

What motivated you to do it in the first place?
Once upon a time, you were passionate about it!  There was obviously a motivating factor that got you there in the first place.  If it was a positive or constructive one, really meditate on it..... write it down..... look at photos!  Think to the moments that lead you to start.  Think about how you felt, how emotionally full you felt.  

What factors ultimately motivate you to do it?
Look to what motivates you.  If it's weight loss, look at what your goals are.  If you're a stay at home mother, look into the eyes of those children and see beyond all negatives and look to the beautiful little version of you that you placed on this Earth.  If it's a marriage, look at why you fell in love in the first place.  Write it down or create a vision board of all the things that motivated you.  Talk to someone about your feelings if you're comfortable, sometimes people are completely unaware of how you feel.  

What in your heart do you truly want from this?
Look to what you ultimately want to achieve.  Are you on the right path or do you need to make some changes?  Are your motives still relevant?  Are they maintainable or a little ambitious for the circumstance?  It's so easy to get caught up on the hardships of now that we forget the rewards that come later.  

I want to put this small thought to you in finishing.....

In order to build a house you need a structure.  But in order to build the structure, you need a plan and a goal.  In order to have a goal, you need a passion or motivation.  But in order to make that house a home, you need to love every beautiful soul that lives within those four walls with all your heart. 


  1. I'm glad that facebook showed me on the side bar that Michele B liked one of your posts which had a link to this blog. I think that's how I saw the first devotional and anonymously commented. Again, this is great. Some more quality food for thought in this post. Especially the finishing thought and the bit...well all of it really :)


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