Fingerprint persona: a blog about bullying

No two things in this world are alike.

Every little thing has it's subtle differences. Different features.... different sounds..... different approaches..... different personalities.....

So many people invest so much of their lives trying to replicate others that they forget who they are as an INDIVIDUAL. Basically they try to fit their 'triangle' into a 'circle'. And then they get lost because the person they have tried to 'become' is such an uncomfortable fit, that it's hard work to maintain it.  Their lives are never truly fulfilling because they journey away from their true purpose and try to find fulfilment in being something they are clearly not.

This is particularly common in individuals who are victims of bullying and abuse.  They are routinely manipulated to accept that who they TRULY are has no value.  So consequently they 'rebel' against their true persona and try to fit into the mould that is accepted by others.  It's like giving a builder plans to a house and him building it to 'his' specifications because he can't accept the client's.  It's a house, but is it what the client truly wants and does it suit THEM?

So in perspective, when a bully or abuse victim is being raised to be someone they are not, they grow up with a sense of emptiness because they recognise that the person they have become isn't who they truly are.  And this is where the process of identity crisis comes in.

So when people say that words hurt, they truly do.  Words cut deep in the heart and soul and leave scars that take lots of time and energy to heal.  Those times you call someone names or tell them they aren't good enough,  they carry it.  Those times you say someone is a waste of space, they carry it.  Those times you make someone feel bad for how they look, they carry it.  Those times you belittle someone for being who they are, they carry it.  Those times you put someone down because they don't fit 'your' mould, they carry it.  Those times where you pile guilt on someone because they are carrying a burden, they carry it.

It's time to wake up! It's time to accept that no two people are the same. It's about time that we nurture people to overcome their burdens or fears rather than burden them with more guilt.  It's time to nurture gifts and dreams rather than crush them. It's time to just simply SHUT YOUR MOUTH if you have nothing nice to say!  It's time to just accept that your unkind and unconstructive words could destroy someone's life.  Tell someone they are important.... give them a hug..... forgive..... be constructive and say things with love!

If you're a victim of bullying, you are not alone.  I was a victim of bullying because people couldn't accept me for me.  Over time it just became easier to be quiet and conform myself to who others wanted me to be rather than be MYSELF.  The moments I cried through my childhood and adulthood because I felt so empty and scared that I wasn't good enough.  The moments I was in so much pain because every time I tried to be me I would just get bullied back into my shell.  The fear and insecurity I gained because I became so scared of failing.  I promise you there's a light at the end of the tunnel.  I promise you that if you take a moment to close your eyes and meditate and listen to your soul, it will tell you if you're on the right track.  Your intuition has this incredible way of telling you if it feels right or wrong.  Your instinct is your guide..... take time to listen to it! Don't allow yourself to live a life of emptiness...... DON'T LET THOSE BULLIES WIN!!!! You are too precious and unique to let this awesome life pass you by.  You were born with incredible gifts..... an amazing purpose.... a brilliant life.  Just take the time to listen and learn more about yourself!

Enjoy your night! :-)


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