The 20's home stretch.....

So on Tuesday I turned 29 (Happy Birthday to me!) and it was such an incredible day! I have never felt so much love and appreciation from others and I am so thankful for it.

Tuesday also made me realise that I'm going into the home stretch of my 20's..... and in just under a year going to enter into my 30's.... WOW!  And I am soooo excited about it.... and quite rightfully so.  I am getting better in how I approach life, more confident in myself, happier about what is around me and wiser through experience.  I think to myself about all the things I have achieved (and still are to achieve) in my 20's and what I have the potential to achieve in my 30's and it's so exciting as the possibilities are endless.

So what do I want from the remaining year of my 20's?

  1. I want to be the best mother I can be to Tayla.
  2. I want to really start trying to focus my commitment on my own family.  I realistically feel that before I can start my own family beyond Tayla and I, I need to make the time to be a better daughter, sister, niece and cousin. 
  3. Continue to build the close friendships that I have.  I need to make sure the relationships I have now are more secure than ever.
  4. Continue to develop a relationship with God and grow in faith.  This Christian walk has taught me so much about loving who I am as a person, living a life with love and happiness and being a blessing to others.
  5. I want to grow as a Teacher and work to my full potential.   
  6. I want to continue to get to know who I am - Using what strengthens and challenges me to live life to it's fullest potential into my 30's, 40's, 50's, etc....
  7. Financially prepare myself for my 30's so I can buy a home.
  8. Do at least one trip overseas so I can see something outside of my backyard before I turn 30.

What do I want from my 30's at this point in my life?

I'll be honest, there's lots of things I would love: continuing to do things that make me happy within myself, marriage, another child, continual stability in my job, my own home and the opportunity to travel.  But what comes from those 10 years are ultimately determined by what I am destined to do.  I can want  and do what I can to make those things happen, but I understand that whatever I end up with or whatever path I take, I will lovingly do it because it's where I am meant to be.  All I want is to be happy and emotionally prosperous to do it with my family and close friends by my side.

So what do you want for the next few years of your life?  Never say nothing, because your heart always wants something.... you need something to work for or believe in (even if it doesn't work out).  Dreaming is just as important as doing and enjoying what you're doing. :-)


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