A couple of weeks ago in a morning devotion at work I was introduced to Birds of Tokyo (have I been asleep???!!! What I am doing with myself???!!!).  I felt such a strong connection with this song and just felt like the lyrics were telling my story.  I want to show excerpts of the lyrics and speak about how they relate to me:

"Lately I've found when I start to think aloud, there's a longing in the sound, there is more I could be.  In darkness I leave for a place I've never seen.  It's been calling out to me, that is where I should be.

We never carried days on our own.  But now it's up to us to know. The weight of being so much more, we will find ourselves on the road."

That was me all of last year!!! I always knew I had great purpose in my life beyond how I was living and last year it spoke in my heart more than ever.  I continually cried out for direction away from the dark state I was in at that point in my life.  And then that strength within me to just stand up and walk away from where I was and basically starting over.  It's been a really long road since starting over on my own, but it's been so rewarding and the blessings that have come from it have been UNREAL! I think that point in my life was a bit of a realisation that there are so many around me that love me so unconditionally and only want what's best and are willing to be there for me every step of the way.

"On we march with a midnight song.  We will light our way with our lanterns on.  On we march till we meet the dawn.  We will light our way with our lanterns on."

I can tell you right now that there have been some really dark days in this journey.  But I made the conscious choice to use my faith through finding Christ to walk this journey.  Since coming to know God, I feel like I'm walking through those dark time with a shining lantern in front of me.  God is my strength and refuge through my entire journey and through that I'm being a light for others who are going through the same thing.  And that's ulimately such a great reward in my journey.  That I can go through this experience and use to be a light to someone else.  

"As we walk out without question, without doubt. In the light that we have found it is finally clear. Our day has come and we'll stand for who we are.
We are ready, we are young. We have nothing to fear."

"One day we'll stand for who we are...."  I love that!  I am at that stage where I am learning who I am and I love what I have to offer.  Why didn't I discover myself sooner?! I love my crazy little bubbly personality.  I love how I try everything out.  I love how I try to see the funny side of everything.  I love my ridiculously stupid jokes at awkward times. I love how through the darkness of this journey, I discovered two awesome and golden gifts: coming to know God and seeing myself for who I am and what I am capable of. "We are ready, we are young... we have nothing to fear...." I am learning to not be scared anymore.  I am learning to just take life and just enjoy every awesome thing that comes along.  Fear used to hold me back from so much and I'm learning to just face it and step past them in total commitment and faith!

So every time I hear this song now, I'm going to have the continual reminder that I am on a journey that required so much inner strength to start and that this process is influencing so many others.  And I am so proud and excited to keep singing as I continue to move forwards! :-)


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