Life messages and sunrises

God showed me the most beautiful analogy this morning. He kept telling me I should do Castle Hill. I kept finding excuses not to (I have work, I am too busy, I need some sleep). But God wasn't taking that. He kept talking to me about Psalm 12 and 19 and kept insisting I go up Castle Hill. Set my alarm for 5am.

So I did. I was exhausted when I woke up. I drove to Castle Hill and when I got there, it was still dark and I forgot my headphones and my torch. i thought maybe it wasn't such a bright idea. But he kept pushing on. " Go up, you will be ok."
I started jogging up thinking it would just be a quiet jog. But I was really exhausted this morning, so I walked. It was still quite dark and I admit, I was quite anxious. Every now and then a walker or rider with a light would be coming down, so it calmed me a little. But I still wanted to turn around. I kept hearing that gentle nudge, "Keep going, keep going."

As I started making my way up, the sun was slowly starting to come out. The path ahead was getting clearer. My nerves were starting to ease. This beautiful breeze started to gently blow past me. I was so pleasant and refreshing. Then as the sun started to rise further, I was at the point on the hill where I would start to see outside clearer. I could see the city lights and the sun touching.... blending. The cool breeze kept washing over me.

As I started to reach the top of the hill, everything was becoming clearer and more amazing. It was so calm and beautiful. The beauty of this city was clearly in my view!

Then I had a thought. God was trying to tell me something. That I shouldn't fear the journey. It starts off dark and you don't feel like you have everything you need. So you try to find a way out. You fear that you will get lost because you can't see ahead. But every now and then when you least expect it, you are given some comfort light to see you though those fears. God never forgets you. He is with you cheering you on. As you continue to take each step, everything becomes clearer. You start to see life for what it's truly worth. It's beauty, it's light, it's calm breeze, it's line of direction, it's purpose. When you get to the top, God provides you with the reward and blessing of a bigger picture. It's reassurance that he hasn't forgotten you and he loves you. Take in, enjoy and be thankful for what he provides. God also provides you with a way to experience these journeys so that you can encourage others with your 'small light' when they are feeling overwhelmed.

Don't live life in fear. Live it with love. Live it like it's a gift, you have been blessed with it!


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