A Moment of Worship

For as long as I can remember I have always been a creative minded person.  I used to paint and sculpt when I was growing up, I always captivated my Father's attention with my works.  They weren't anything brilliant, but he always nurtured and encouraged me to work on it.  I played music going through school, did a Music degree and taught Music (High and Primary) for a while.  I'm an actor..... I love the stage!

I find the beauty of colour and sound...... colour sets our emotions alight, open our eyes to the windows that our soul..... captivates the senses!  Sound feeds our heart love...... our soul spiritually.... our brains intellectualism.  There's something incredible about sound that can move us, uplift us, calm us and build a presence that can never be described.  It's so difficult to truly understand this unless you can experience it for yourself!

In my time since I have encountered God I have experienced the incredible power of sound and colour like never before.  It's a completely unique experience that you can never comprehend until you experience it first hand. When the chords are playing and the words come melodically from your lips, it moves you into a state of meditation.  You close your eyes and allow the sounds to just spread from head to toe.  You start to forget about those around you..... instead it's your time...... just you and God.  For that moment all those thoughts, worries, lists, arguments, problems, hurts..... just vanish..... your mind, heart and soul are at peace.  It's your time to sing like no one is watching and give thanks to the Lord for every precious moment you have on this Earth.... for every precious gift you have received..... for every single opportunity you have to impact someone in the world.

Honestly, as individuals, we don't spend enough time in our quiet moment of meditation.  We don't make that time to allow beautiful music to flow though us.  To give thanks for our blessings...... the positive opportunities that are presented to us.

So I encourage you to make the time.  Allow beautiful music to consume you..... heighten your senses..... bring you to a place that you never knew possible!

Enjoy your night! :-)


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