Happy World Women's Day (from yesterday)!!!

I actually didn't know it was today until I saw a picture a beautiful friend of mine put on my Facebook wall.

So I thought in the events of the last week, I wanted to talk about empowerment...... Well my interpretation of it anyway.

To me empowerment is.......

Being a positive influence to others.
The strength to speak up when everyone is silent.
The light you shine in times of darkness.
That smile you give someone.
The strength to be yourself and remain true to what's in your soul.
That moment where you own up to your mistakes and moments of poor judgement.
The strength to walk away when that voice inside tells you to.
Being gracious for every precious second you've got on Earth.
A strong emotional structure that hurt and negativity can never knock down.
Simple gestures of love that a hurt person didn't expect.

The feeling of empowerment is contagious. The reward from being empowering towards yourself and others is beyond anything financial or titled.  The reward of love, prosperity, grace, wisdom and peace is what empowerment gives you! Empowerment is a healer...... it sets the tone for the future.  It sets an example for others to follow! And above all, empowerment needs to be practiced and nurtured in order to grow in influence!

Here's a starting point:

1. Look in the mirror.  Take a good look at you and I mean a good look..... actually look into your eyes on the reflection.  Repeat this:

"I am loved and appreciated.  I was not here by accident.  I have a destiny and a purpose. My destiny map was drawn in the womb and it's my purpose to follow this map.  I must be strong because I am a special blessing to others."

2. Keep a journal and write any positive quotes, diary entries, feelings, pictures..... anything that is happy and positive.  When you are feeling times where you're in the dark..... read that journal, take in the amazing words you have written!

Have a beautiful day!!!! :-D


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