One Year and its Many Beautiful Stories

As of January 2015, Positive Soul Recharge will be entering its 3rd year.  My initial intention was to run the blog for just 12 months to help me through my own personal journey after a few difficult life experiences, particularly after a very difficult separation.  But I got to the end of that year and really felt encouraged that writing this blog was not only helping me heal and grow through my own life, but inspiring others on their own journey.  I'm not sure what 2015 has in store for this blog, but one thing I do hope is that it continues to brighten people's day and inspire them to be a better version of themselves. I have been thinking about what I wanted to write in my last blog for the year - as I have either recapped the year I had or talked about my vision for the next year.  

But I really felt drawn to talk about perception - particularly in terms of the phrase "I'm so glad to see the back of 2014!"

Yes I am guilty of this as much as anyone, but I guess my attitude towards this phrase has been given a big tune up lately.  Besides myself, I know so many others who were challenged and went through some rough moments in 2014.  Issues I have seen include relationship breakdowns, major financial issues, deaths, cancer diagnoses and on-going illnesses… so I can completely understand why these people, like myself, would be happy to see the back of 2014! Throughout 2014 I was really challenged professionally and personally in terms of attitude and how I handled the tough issues/ life balance.  I had loads of days where getting out of bed was really difficult and dealing with people brought my anxiety levels to an all time high.  For a while throughout the year I became scared of dealing with people because I didn't want to be laid the blame when things didn't work out.  I also really lost value in my contribution towards the world - I kept doubting and questioning if I was good enough for my job (fitness and teaching) and my capacity to parent.  
But then I reminded myself that I shouldn't define my year in terms of what went wrong, rather look at:

- The incredible memories which I created
- The goals I reached
- The impact I made
- The dreams I finally made a reality
- The lessons I learned

So I offer you that challenge.  Why does your year need to defined by that breakup, or diagnosis, or continuous stress over the budget?  I know it's easier said than done, but why can't your year be defined by the good things and the lessons?  Your year is only as useful as you make it!  Take those 365 days, polish off the garbage and be in awe by the gems that have come from it!  Look back at those difficult moments (which have made you stronger), and take the time to figure out what you learned from it so that you are more empowered in 2015 and every year after that.  I hear this quote A LOT, but I LOVE IT: 

"In order to sing from the mountain tops, you need to struggle through the swampy valleys every now and then."

Here are some tips for how you can end 2014 on a positive note and enter 2015 empowered and excited about the journey ahead:

1. Write down as many good things that happened in 2014 as you can. These could include an event you went to, holiday, birth, funny moment, goal reached, special purchase, revelation, new friendship, relationship milestone, etc.  If you get stuck, think of one per month and work from there!

2. Write down five lessons you have learned in 2014 and put a plan in place about how you are going to work on resolving these (some might take some time, but baby steps).  An example could be: learning to 'cool down' before making hot headed decisions by going for a walk, or saving $5 a week towards emergencies by cutting back on something non-esstential. Trust me on this…. you have more than five, just pick your most important ones!

3. Don't dwell on the year you have just had.  This works both ways!  The second you dwell on things that have happened this year, you will invite them into your next year.  Go through the process of letting go and moving forwards.  The same goes for the really awesome things that happened: remember them, but don't allow them as a means of measuring the next year because the next year is a time to create a new memory which is just as or even more amazing (if that makes sense)!

4. Resolutions are a waste of time unless you have a strategy to work towards them! There are soooo many blogs and websites around about goal setting and resolutions, so seek them out and read!

5. Give thanks!  If you're a spiritual person, give thanks for the year you have been given.  It's your year to own and you can take so much wealth from it.  Give thanks for next year too and the stories that will come from it!  

I hope you have an awesome night and 2015 is an amazing year full of blessings, and soul strengthening and empowering lessons! 


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