100 Things I Will Do in 2015

Happy New Year awesome readers!!!! I can't believe it's the midpoint year of this decade! I'm having a blissful and very lazy afternoon at home with the Princess watching movies, doing some self growth professional development and blogging.  We've both had a really busy last couple of months and I think a day off is good for both of us to be honest.

Anyway, I was going to write about setting goals, but I got a burst of inspiration from a childhood friend Gemma.  Writing 100 things that I will do in 2015 sounded WAY more fun…. hehehe! 

So here we go…. 100 things I am going to do in 2015…. This was actually really HARD!!!  365 day to do them seems pretty reasonable :-D:

1. Write a list of 100 things to do in 2015
2. Write a play
3. Get my Blast certification (fitness)
4. Do my R30 progress filming (fitness)
5. Bake my daughter's 5th birthday cake
6. Organise my daughter's 5th birthday party
7. Go on a week long holiday to Melbourne with Tayla
8. Go on a longer holiday at the end of the year
9. Go to at least one costume party 
10. Direct a Musical
11. Complete a painting
12. Get Tayla's first day of Prep photo
13. Go on a road trip
14. Get all dressed up and eat at a really classy
15. Become a MOSSA Certified Master Trainer
16. Buy someone flowers
17. Go to a cooking class
18. Try a new fitness class
19. Get my hair done completely blonde
20. Work towards getting half or even 3/4 of my debt paid
21. Perform in a play
22. Choir direct
23. Write at least one blog per month no matter how busy I get
24. Go to a Drama Panel moderation
25. Get my nails done
26. Write a snail mail letter to a friend who I haven't seen in a while
27.  Try a meal from a country which I haven't eaten from before
28. Go to a city which I haven't been to before
29. Grow some herbs
30. Get a pet
31. Take Tayla to Maggie Island
32. Take Tayla to a cinema for the first time
33. Try a wine that I wouldn't normally drink
34. Go to a wedding
35. Go to a 21st birthday
36. Go to a 18th birthday
37. Get a massage
38. Pay for someone's dinner
39. Make and send a gift to someone
40. Start the process towards writing a book
41. Try a chocolate which I haven't had before
42. Run a 5km race
43. Run a 10km race
44. Enrol Tayla in ballet class
45. Obtain another fitness qualification
46. Get another tattoo
47. Play a song on a guitar or keyboard
48. Learn a new hairstyle 
49. Instruct a fitness class
50. Walk into a gym
51. Go for a drive
52. Get family photos done
53. Wear something yellow
54. Run a cross country
55. Buy a new piece of furniture
56. Watch a sunrise from the top of a hill 
57. Watch a sunset from the top of a hill
58. Swim in the ocean
59. Bake a sweet which I have never made before
60. Make my own kombucca
61. Create and present a freestyle fitness class
62. Coach a sporting team (soccer or netball)
63. Teach a class
64. Clean out Tayla's toybox
65. Write a poem
66. Kiss someone
67. Give someone a hug
68. Plant a flower
69. Make my own flour
70. Do a pull up
71. Do a handstand
72. Read a book
73. Go to the Library
74. Go to the beach
75. Learn some more Italian
76. Spread awareness of Positive Soul Recharge more
77. Have a high tea party
78. Buy someone a cuddly toy 
79. Buy an adult an item of clothing 
80. Play a team sport (even if it's only one game)
81. Dance in the rain 
82. Go on a boat
83. Sew something small
84. Eat an icecream
85. Go to a zoo
86. Give someone a plant
87. Write a unit plan
88. Bring a cake to work
89. Leave an encouraging note on a work colleague's desk
90. Make a necklace
91. Do a find-a-word
92. Play a board game
93. Make some wrapping paper
94. Buy some nice shoes
95. Give someone some fruit
96. Go a beach workout with someone
97. Direct a play
98. Visit my dad
99. Visit my mum
100. Write a list of 100 things to do in 2016

So challenge yourself.... set 100 things to do and get going!!!


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