Thank you

The last couple of years of my life has been an incredible period of self-discovery. Where with each breath, I breathe in the new and breathe out the old. Where old and destructive habits have died, and new and life changing habits have emerged. Where I looked at myself in the mirror with anger and tears, and now look in the mirror with love, peace and contentment. For the first time, I am at peace with myself. I feel secure enough in myself to know the rewards and consequences of my decisions.  I am however, by no means perfect, but I have the confidence to learn and grow from my mistakes rather than dwell on them.

But all of this didn't come easy. I want this to be a message to all those who are still feeling lost. To all those who have no faith and are fearful of life. I want you to not fear life. Don't ever fear the positive opportunities that come to you. I also want you to know that the road to personal growth and contentment is not an easy one..... But the rewards are far greater than anything you could ever imagine!

Reflecting back on this time that has passed, I have had days where I have cried, smiled, laughed, been challenged in my thinking, beliefs and behaviours and that to think on my feet.  I've had days where I have wondered if I am on the right track; where I have had to remind myself of where I have come from and the blessings I have in my life right now. I've had days where I have encouraged others and in turn, others have encouraged me when I needed it the most. I have had moments where I have questioned what has been handed over to me and had fear for the journey ahead. But I would take a breath and journey forward in faith. In turn, the rewards have been brilliant and I have come to learn to trust in my capabilities and have faith in what God has pre-determined for me.

So I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to all my circumstances. Thank you to every difficult situation which has made me stronger. To every milestone which has reminded me to keep moving forwards. To every tear that I have shed where my burdens have been washed away. To every challenging moment where I build character. To every kind word that reassures me that I am loved. To every experience that has taught me lessons. To every person that helps keep my feet planted on the ground. I am so thankful for each and every one of these moments.


  1. Beautiful Krystal. Having gratitude and self-compassion is so very important. It's something I have to remind myself of almost every day. Wishing you love and blessings. xx


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