A Model Speaks a Thousand Words

I had this thought yesterday.  I don't know about anyone else, but I can never get anything done properly without the help of a 'model example'.  I can't fully understand something unless it is demonstrated to me.  It's not because I want proof that it can be done, I just want a base example to look to then I can make necessary adaptions and make my own take of it.  If you give me a blank canvas and tell me to just paint a picture, I would struggle because I would have NO idea what I'm working towards, where I'm going or where to start.

Maybe this is teacher brain talking, but I think to truly succeed with a task you require four important elements:

1. Knowledge of ground level basics:

"The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps."     (Proverbs 16:9)

How in the world can you write a story if you can't write a proper sentence?  How can you paint a picture when you don't understand the basics of colour and line?  How can you write a song when you don't know what the notes on a scale are?  How can you write dance choreography when you don't know how to count in time?  How can you solve a Maths problem when you don't know how to count?

You NEED to understand the basics of a subject to develop. And if you know them, it's so important to NOT become complacent and forget where you came from!  The same goes with life.  You can't live an honest life unless you understand the basics of how to live it.  And it's just as important to REMIND yourself every now and then those important basics.   Keep honest and never forget where you came from and the basis of why you exist!

2.  An example to guide you:

When I see an example I can work with, I think of two things: 1.  I know it can be done; 2. This is what I am working towards.

When I started my personal growth journey, I looked to people who set the right example.  It showed me that it's possible to live an honest life and that these people can positively influence me on the right path to the life I am meant to live.  That example is always something I can return to when I feel like I'm uncertain of where to turn or I feel like it's all too overwhelming. I saw this bible verse (Hebrews 13:7), and it reminded of when I first started my journey and was looking to a role model for guidance:

"Remember your leaders, those who spoke to you the word of God.  Consider the outcome of their way of life, and imitate their faith."

3. The scaffolding to develop your basics.

I firmly believe scaffolding is important.  It leaves a trail when you are working through something and if a mistake was to occur, you can trace your steps back to where the difficulty first initiated.  I think it's important with life that you walk and grow with small steps of faith, it eventually leads to the leap you never saw coming (but are prepared for).  That way when something didn't work out, you can look back with confidence on the process you took, evaluate it and make corrections where necessary.

4. A reason to get it done.

Regardless of what anyone says, I believe you need a motive or incentive to get it done!  If you do something without a reason or purpose, you may as well bury it now, because there's no passion there to breathe life and colour into it.  Even if it's difficult, find a reason!  Look to a role model and find out why they do it and why they are so passionate about it.  An empty thought creates a hollow outcome, a passionate thought creates a full and purposeful outcome.


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