Dearest Mum....

Dear Mum,

Firstly, I love you..... well actually I love you ABUNDANTLY! I may not seem to show it all the time, but please know that I really really really truly times a million do.

I may not be the most perfect or model child, but I always am  prepared to give everything a go once and try my best.  I still beat myself up that I wasn't good enough, but I keep reminding myself of what you have always said to me: "As long as you tried your best and you're happy, that's what matters."

We had a lot of up and down moments over the years, but know that despite all that, I never stopped loving you.  We were at times a little flustered with each other, but the love never vanished.

I am sorry that I don't call enough, or come up to see you enough.  But know when the happy moments happen, I think of you and give you thanks.  When the tough times happens, I cry and want a hug from you.  When I look at Tayla, I think about how the challenge of motherhood is on my shoulders and I look to you and thank you for being MY MUM.

Sometimes you say things that do hit a raw nerve initially.  But when I calm down, I realise you're keeping my feet planted on the ground because you don't want to see me be carried away by the moment.

There have been moments where I have done things that I wasn't proud of.  But you stood by me and listened to me cry and gave me comfort.  And sent small gifts to cheer me up...... and my larger than life bag, jewellery and shower gel collection!

I know you've gone through some challenges yourself Mum, but know that you are an amazing and strong woman for raising the four of us.  You are amazing for dealing with our, at times, draining attitudes and 'drama queen' ways.  Know that despite the trials we put you through, you're still our amazing mother.

Know that I love you more than words could ever describe and thank you for every moment you spent on us kiddies.... every kind word you spoke..... every bit of motivation you gave us to not give up when we were doubted.  Thank you for teaching us that we don't have to sit in a corner and not contribute.  Thank you for teaching us to stand up for what we believe in.

I love you and I hope you have a beautiful day and I look forward to catching up with you shortly.

Love you x a million!

Love, hugs and smiles,

Krissie xxoo


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