As I spoke about in my previous two posts, I'm feeling the desire to challenge myself to 'grow again'.  I started really working towards this in my last week and a half.  Admittedly it's been difficult and I have stumbled a lot during that week and a half, but I've had some small victories as well which have helped keep me inspired to keep going.

I have had a rough couple of months emotionally and got myself to a point of a low point that I never ever want to experience again.  Therefore this time I am determined to make the changes I need to break into the person I am meant to be.  I've done it before and I am going to keep doing it.  I've taken this last few weeks to monitor my habits and the last week to work towards changing them.  I also looked at some great positive habits that I adopted over the years and reflected on whether I am actually still following through with them.  These are the questions I keep reflecting on:
I am working towards
going back to this!

What did I do before that kept my weight down and my fitness up?
How can I return to or adapt to a level that I can sustain?
Am I actually creating 'down time' for myself?
Am I giving my emotional and spiritual life the time and commitment it deserves?
Am I continuing to be thankful for my blessings?
Am I acknowledging the desires of my heart, but not allowing them to  consume me?
Am I learning to 'be still' and take in the moments that God is providing me with?

I was listening to a podcast by Jillian Robbins last night on the TED stream of Youtube and she spoke about the reality that change is very simple in theory, but hard to follow through in practise - no one really 'feels like' going through the hard work.  But the 'follow through' is where the success happens.  I know for me an example came last night.  I did a big workout in the morning and cleaned the house all day.  I was pretty tired and decided to lie down and watch some TV.  Suddenly I had a HUGE craving for ice-cream or a milkshake.  About two weeks ago I would have gotten in the car without question and went and got one.  But I had to make the decision that the moment of satisfying that craving was going to undo that hard work I did in the morning.  Even this morning, it was absolutely FREEZING in bed, but I to look past the 'I don't feel like it' and get up and work out.  It's tough in practise, but now I feel pretty good.  Another thing that Jillian did was set a morning challenge:  whatever time your alarm normally goes off, set it an hour earlier then just throw your blanket to the side and get out of bed.  Try it for one week.  Straight up your challenging yourself before you even get out of bed.... already won a battle before your feet hit the ground.

Before I finish up, I want to set you some homework.  It's not going to be easy, but it will be totally worth it if you're HONEST with yourself:

1. Answer the questions in the blog.... or create your own that suit your life.
2.  Work out where you struggle with 'follow throughs' and begin to challenge how you habitually follow through with things.  For example, it might be that you drink lots of soft drink, so you might replace each can (one at a time) with 600mls of water.
3.  Try the alarm exercise mentioned in the above paragraph.  This one is a toughie.... but completely worth it!

Let me know how you go and I hope the results are fulfilling for you!

Enjoy your day :-)


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