My body is a temple

During a Genesis challenge Oct '13

A few weeks back I fractured my wrist.  Admittedly (as any normal person would say), there’s not a lot to enjoy about the smell of old sweat, only being able to use one hand to do everyday tasks and generally not being able to function normally.  But there are worst situations to be in and I’d definitely be happy to ride this out than other possibilities.
The last couple of weeks however have been a small time of reflection for me about the direction my life is going right now.  If I am being fully honest with myself, I am not treating myself the way I should be.  No issues with exercise, my eating has been mediocre, self-thinking needs some work, organisation is good (but not where I am normally at), and my stress levels not so good. I have also been noticing (even before the injury) that my weight has been slowly creeping up over the last 18 months.  So in a sense I am slowly undoing all my hard work! I look at photos of myself before I became a full time teacher and reflect on how great my body looked and felt…. Even how I felt mentally.  At that stage in my life I was giving my body what it needed, not what was convienient for me or what I was craving at the time.

Therefore on Sunday I decided to take ACTION.  I started to re-prioritise my life and organisation, particularly with nutrition and exercise.  I took my before photo – to which I was a little disappointed. Since then I have been getting up at 5:00am despite the internal grumpiness and getting some exercise done, really getting back into the Bible/worship, prepping food the night before so I am not rushing and getting the junk food out of my house.  I might have enjoyed a couple of Tim Tams yesterday at the staff meeting, but compared to my more recent efforts, I did pretty well.  The goal however is to be a little more disciplined today.  The goal is to start new and more manageable habits so that I can get my body back to what it was pre-teaching.  Not only is it going to make me look better, but I will also feel better, manage stress better and be more efficient in my job and fitness work.  Follow my journey over the next few months as I blog about the challenges I face and each victory that comes through!

Wish me luck, I know it won’t be easy, but it’s soooo going to be worth it!!!!


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