Love Your Story

Over the last few years I have gotten into the habit of reading motivational, self-growth and leadership books because I want to feel inspired to be a better version of myself.  I particularly follow the Proverbs 31 Ministries and read their blog most nights after work.  I felt that tonight's blog really spoke to me, so if you want to read it, you can find it here.  After reading it, I felt really inspired to reflect on how much I love MY own story (my life) and how I display it for my discerning readers to see.  I started to mentally generate a few questions:

1. Is my cover beautiful or ugly?  (Am I showing an attitude that people want to associate with or respect?  Am I mindful of how I conduct myself?)
2. Is my story beautiful or ugly? (Am I choosing to love or hate the life I am given each day?)  
3. How am I writing my story? (Is each chapter evolving and getting better to read or am I just doing the same mindless thing repetitively?) 

When I read this blog, the line, "Am I making a choice to love my story?" Repeatedly calls out to me.  It's such a simple yet beautiful concept: 'love' and 'choice' marry so well in that quote.  Making a choice to love something seems easy in principle but so hard to practice.  I believe however that the 'choice' isn't just a once off.  I feel that with anything that requires love, a new choice needs to be made everyday no matter the outcome.  That's the pain, yet the beauty of a story….. 

Lately I have been consciously making a habit of doing that: Making a new decision every morning to fall in love with the story that I have been provided with each day no matter the outcome.  Even in the hard times, I have recommit my decision to love my story because love will bring me one step closer to great breakthrough. If I can make the choice to love my story despite it's ugliness, than honestly anyone can.  

How is your story going? Is it ugly or beautiful? Are you choosing to love it?



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