Home is where the heart yearns

For years I have internally struggled with living in Townsville.  I remember when Dad used to talk about when he grew up in rural Victoria, it would captivate me.  While I was finishing my Music degree I was planning on moving down to Melbourne to do my Music Therapy Post Graduate Degree, but fear got the better of me.  Then I went on another trip about two years ago and fell in love with the place, ever since then I've had this strong yearning to live in Melbourne.  There's something about the place that just completely captivates me!  

The time came at Easter for me to go somewhere on my own.  I could just do the Island getaway or road trip up North…. but my heart and gut kept screaming "Go to Melbourne… FIND A WAY… JUST DO IT!!!"  So I tirelessly searched for the easiest way to do it and I came across a package that worked for me.  It was a very short trip, but still enough to temporarily satisfy my appetite for the desire to live there.  

From the second I landed, everything felt right.  Even through the SkyBus was crowded and smelt of burned brakes, it was only a short trip so I wasn't too fussed.  I got in pretty late so I was keen to rest and prepare for a day of exploring ahead.  

Upon waking, I started an all-day walking exploration of the City Centre of Melbourne.  Walking along alleyways, checking out stores, exploring parks and museums, taking in the beautiful cool air, staring in awe at the beautiful artitechture that Melbourne had to offer.  There was always something new to look at…. I felt even more in love with the place!

Some highlights included the Museum of Moving Images, Dreamworks Exhibition, Victoria Markets, Bourke Street, Central Station, Degraves Street, Parliament House (couldn't go for a tour because it was closed), Federation Square and Melbourne Library.  In my heart I felt like I was home!

When it was time to fly back, I have to admit I nearly cried.  I remember sitting in a toilet cubicle at Melbourne Airport thinking about how much I really didn't want to go back.  It was almost that feeling of being given the awesome toy and having it snatched out from under you.  But there are plenty of opportunities to come back and the possibility of one day living there.... I can't wait until that day comes.  But only God knows when and if that time will come! 

But the whole time I was there, everything felt right.  This place fitted my personality and creative spirit.  I could just see Tayla growing up in such a strong cultural hub.... she would love the Museums, beaches and opportunities for creativity. The variety of food and produce available.... I love delis and produce so the idea of more fresh food around is exciting!  Everywhere I went, I fell even more in love with the place and started 'planning' a possible move.  There are obviously a lot of factors that have to be taken into account (especially when you have shared custody of a child), but it's a dream that I hope can come true with a lot of work, prayer and faith. I can't wait to see where this journey takes me.    


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