Success Truths

Hi everyone!  I know the gap between blog entries seems to get longer each time, but I haven’t forgotten my awesome readers.  Life has been super busy with a crazy mix between raising my amazing little Tayla bear, the hustle of my teaching job, mixed with trying to work towards big successes with my instructing and trying to navigate through all the surprises life throws at me. 

I want to take some time to share four truths I live by when working towards becoming the best version of myself possible.  I might not look like the ‘perceived picture of success,’ but if you have known me for over a decade you would know how far I have come and what I have now from years of hard work, failures, learning experiences and commitment to just keep moving forwards.  I really hope these truths will motivate you towards your own version of personal greatness!

Truth #1: Don’t be a slave to failure

Another approach could be, ‘don’t allow fear to paralyse your dreams.’  When challenges or failures arise, the easiest thing in the entire world is to decide to quit or allow failure to navigate your thoughts, decisions and actions.  Remember that failure is adaption in action and blocking yourself from failure prevents you from capturing your true potential.  Believe me, my anxiety goes through the roof when I put myself out there after falling on my face!  Actually I fall on my face a lot…. But I am big on awareness that it’s part of the process IF I am willing to reflect and learn.  The first time I started instructing, I failed my certification video THREE TIMES and during training went to the bathroom in tears at least twice.  Now I am a confident advanced instructor slowly working hard towards fulfilling a dream of becoming a national presenter and trainer.

What area of your life are you chained to with fear?  Where have you given up because you feel like you have ‘failed too many times?’  Remember, you’re only a slave to what you choose to be a slave to, do grab that metaphorical axe, smash those chains and jump back on the growth journey.

Truth #2: Don’t bow down to mediocrity

It’s incredibly easy to get ‘stuck in a rut’ and be totally comfortable in routine because it feels good.  Yes, there is a season for it, but setting up camp in it is a huge injustice not only to yourself but those around you as well.  Mediocrity gets boring, drains passion and stunts growth.  The cure to mediocrity is finding the braveness to stand up, walk forwards and make a decision to just be uncomfortable for the sake of becoming better than before.  On the same token, living in discomfort every single day is not fruitful either.  Part of the journey is becoming a-tuned and self-aware of when it’s time to step up and step back.

Truth #3:  Don’t let victories shape your ego

I am a rewards and affirmations driven person, so I need a purpose and result to push me forwards.  We are ALL driven by motivation…. We NEED A WHY otherwise the journey is fruitless.  But we have to be super careful that our motivation is not driven by bringing down others.  We want our victories to a means to keep us going and encourage ourselves and others.  But using it as a bait to manipulate and fluff feathers will in time cause a lot of damage, especially in relationships. 

On the same token, it’s easy to fall into a loop of comparing today’s victory to yesterday’s victory or your victory to someone else’s.  Every victory is custom made to suit the season we are in and choosing not to ‘personalise it’ brings about a freedom to enjoy the moment and be a blessing to others as well in the process.  I also found my moments of victory helped create margin for the days I experienced failure.  Remembering the victories reminded me that I can overcome anything that comes my way. 

Truth #4: Never forget the process of success is a continuum, not a once-off event

Imagine how fruitless and meaningless our lives would be if we lived in the one victory we experienced ‘many years ago?’  That’s quite scary…. And sadly some people choose to live that way.  I believe we go through a process of bouncing between success, failure and mediocrity.  And even these will vary from season to season.  Remember, we are never truly finished the journey until we pass on (whenever that time comes.)  So don’t be afraid to keep working in that process, so you don’t come a point of pain and regret later.  Go and do that course you’ve always wanted…. Save like crazy for that holiday you have always dreamed of…. Eat that delicious ice-cream…. Take some time to talk to someone you love…. Whatever it is…. This is all part of a choice to live fully and be the best version of you possible.

Have a lovely Sunday and blessings to you all.


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