Reflection Stones

Good morning everyone!

As promised last night, I want to talk further into the 'reflection stones' that Tayla and I spoke about last night.

Personally I believe that reflection and action are important steps to moving forwards and getting better in all areas of life.  For the most part I do this on a Sunday night but some weeks I have to just find a space on another day to do it.  Sometimes I write my thoughts down, sometimes I video record and sometimes I even do it mentally.

So more information:

Reward Stones:

These are individual rewards, achievements, positive things in general and usually give space to celebrate or an incentive to keep working towards your goal.  You can also use your 'grateful list' as reward stones as they give you some sort of positive outlook or motivator.

Some examples of reward stones might be (but aren't restricted to):

  • Gifts
  • Promotions
  • Completed a challenge
  • Lost weight
  • Surprise gift or blessing
  • tried something new successfully
  • Got some awesome praise notes
  • You went on a fun trip
  • Watched an amazing sunset on the beach
  • did something you enjoyed
So how do we embrace these?

  • Take note of them - take note of the progress you under took to get there. How did you feel when you got this stone?
  • Don't hang onto it.... after you have celebrated, put it to the side for later.  You might need this stone later when you are having a rough day to pick you up.  You are going to get plenty more awesome stones, so if you stay stuck to this one, you will never truly appreciate the other ones ;-)
Lesson Stones:

These ones are intended for stretching and growth.  Sometimes they can be positive but for the most part they are the challenging ones.  These ones come from situations that might initially disappoint, frustrate you or make you question things.  These can even lead towards you starting over.  Ultimately these stones are intended to make you look within yourself, your motives, mindset, routine, interactions, habits.  And when you look hard enough and are willing to change, will take you to the next level in development.  These ones can turn into boulders fast if you don't take the time to address them!  Are you running from these stones or are you picking them up and using them to build yourself up into something better than ever before.  Some examples of lesson stones might be:

  • You didn't get the outcome you wanted
  • Small negative things are progressively happening
  • An accident 
  • Fight with family, work colleagues and or friends
  • something in your life is frustrating you in general
  • Ongoing health issues
How do we learn from these?

  • Take note of what happened?  What lead to this situation?  Are you setting a poor routine?  How are you approaching the situation? What's your mindset like?
  • What have you learned from this situation?  Is this situation repairable?  What can you take from the experience to make it better in the future?
Put down an action plan.  What will you do in the immediate and long distance future to better this situation or habit which has lead to this situation and implement it!

So there you go.  Hope this has given you some insight into the reflection stones.  Have a go and see how you go.  Any questions, don't hesitate to ask and I would be more than happy to answer them!

Have a lovely day xx


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