Be Your Own Awesome xx


Tayla and I were in a handmade design shop near Ottos yesterday and she came across these cool motivational fridge magnets. Her eyes light up and she goes on about how great these would be on our fridge because they say really nice stuff. Now she does this a lot and I normally say no, but this time I didn't need much convincing. I got the one in the photo and two other ones.
Anyway, to my point.

It should be a known fact that you are awesome, no accident and here for a purpose right? If you know you're awesome then why not own it? Run with it... Embrace it?! Your awesome is unique and essential to creating something better in the world.
So here are some ways you can own your awesome (feel free to add to the list in the comments):
✍ Smile even when you don't feel awesome.
✍ Take the time to find and/ or develop your talents/things you enjoy.
✍ Do something that makes you belly laugh.
✍ Read something that stimulates your mind and has you asking questions and seeking answers.
✍ Wear something that suits your personality type.
✍ Pray, worship, meditate.... Whatever you do. It's the best time you will ever have for reconnection.
✍ Be inspired by other feats of awesome but don't allow it to define your level of awesome.
✍ Look after yourself. Your awesomeness is top shelf, not bargain bin 😉
Have a fabulous Monday ❤️❤️


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