Sugar Fast

Good morning readers :-)

I have been experiencing a few collective minor health concerns lately.  I won't go into it in detail, but it's several all combined which are giving my body a little bit of grief at the moment.  This particular concern is more inconvenient, but can potentially become diabetes down the track if I don't actually do something about it (and honestly I don't want to get diabetes!).  There are some core factors behind the health concerns, but one of the major ones is feeding it:  The excessive sugar I have been consuming.

More so out of frustration for how I am feeling, I have decided that I need to nip these issues in the butt by making a very difficult attempt to give up sugar and refined ingredients that contain sugar.  I am really hopeful that doing this will help get rid of my health issues but I know that it's actually going to be extremely difficult for me as I have a major sweet tooth.  I know I definitely can't do this on my own, so support is pivotal more than ever.  As a result I am also cutting Tayla's sugar consumption RIGHT BACK to help with her sleeping patterns.

I will try and blog as much as I can on the issue and my progress as it happens.  Won't post pics or anything, I will just keep those to myself for now.  But can I ask for some tips, recipes, support.... anything really.  I need to resolve this issue and get my health back on track, not just for myself, but my little girl as well.

Have a lovely day everyone! :-) xx


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